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Looking into making a death trooper

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Hey everyone, I am an aspiring 501st member who has built a scout trooper as my first outfit, but now I am looking into getting a death trooper, while not exactly flush at the moment, I do plan to get a job before my school year is over to make money to put towards something like this, I was wondering, are there any good build threads that people have posted in the past that I could look at? I know about the sources for vendors and such, and have looked through them thoroughly, and think I will either go with a raw kit from 850 armorworks or from plastic arms dealer, although at the moment both of these stores are sold out/out of stock presumably temporarily. Finally, are there any good threads for putting together the base soft goods layer, as that is probably the most confusing thing to me right now.

I am super excited to hear from you guys and to get started on this community.

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Logan, welcome to Spec Ops. You have picked a great costume to build. There are plenty of build threads in this Imperial Death Trooper section of the forums. You will find everything you need to get started and along your journey to the Darkerside of the Darkside. I recommend reading through each person's thread. You will find plenty of Pros and Cons for each type of kit you are thinking about using. The search function works very well to quickly find specific questions you may have. As always, we are also a great source of information when you can't find something or have a question that may or may not have been asked before. Best of luck on your build.

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