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Thread Costume Build Navy Heavy Gunner Mimban(Korso)

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Thanks for the pics Jorge. We would need more pics of the costume including shots of some of the parts, e.g. jacket, tunic, pants, boots, etc. These pics would also need to be in better quality.

The first obvious call-out is the greaves. Korso does not wear these. Much of his kit is different to a Mudtrooper.

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I would also add that the coat isn't long enough based off this reference


For the coat we don't have any really good references to determine the exact coat, I believe we have come across a WWII motorcycle slicker that may be equivalent, but it is unclear at this point if we can use it to finish the CRL

As @JAFO stated we need more high quality pics to assess this better.

Please also bear in mind that we don't approve costumes without a CRL now, so the more effort that goes toward building the CRL the better.

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On 9/19/2022 at 6:36 PM, Jorge Mereel said:

okay the coat might looks longer caues the battle pose if i do battle pose it looks simular long

ive posted a battle pose pic there it looks simular long....".i cant upload more pics no idea why"

Please see our FAQs for posting pics 


As for the "battle pose" argument I agree to an extent that yes it will have an impact on the length (lowered stance, skewed shoulders etc), but I am not convinced that this is the case in your submission. Here is another reference taken from regular stance:



As you can see the coat hem is quite low. Looking further at your pics it is hard to tell if you have the right boots. Please follow instructions provided above and attach some high quality images.

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