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Some Questions about a Death trooper build

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Hello everyone.


I have been looking through the death trooper information pages and am only getting more excited to start a build. 

I have a couple questions.

1.  I am likely going to order the kit through Jim Tripon. Does anyone know if his undersuit will meet specifications for the Specialist level of certification?

2.  I am planning on 3D printing the blasters. It looks like Tom Campbell’s are the go to for these. How do I go about contacting him to purchase the files?



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Welcome to the Darker Side of the Darkside!

You're going to love this build! It's going to challenge you, but in the end you'll be amazed at the wonder you've created.

To answer your questions;

Yes Jim's undersuit will meet Level 2 requirements provided you have it sized properly.

Good choice on Tom's files. You can get all 3 blasters from him at a great price. Here's his FB profile. Send him a message that way.


If you are going to build your Jimmi kit to Level 2 specs, make sure you take a look at the CRL requirements and use the Specialist submissions for more visual references. It'll save you a lot of time.

Best of luck and we are here to help!

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Thanks for the info @Chaos  I managed to contact Tom and he no longer sells the files but he referred me to Marty Martinez on Facebook, or MCM design on Facebook or Etsy to get the files but I have not been able to find him.  Does anyone know where or how to do so?



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Ok. I managed to track Martin Martinez down.  He has the STL files for the death trooper helmet, the armour and the 3 blaster files for sale on his Cults3D site. The helmet and armour are there now and the blasters will be soon.  He replied to me email and I had the files within a few hours. Amazing service. 

Here is the link to his cults page  



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