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Paint help/recommendations

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Hi all, my death trooper helmet needs repainted. Application is overall bad and one spot needs sanding and then repainted. I looked at the color scheme guides and saw Tamiya Metallic Black TS40 recommended for the metallic dark grey but don’t see recommendations for the other three colors. What paints did y’all use?

Also I wasn’t the original painter for this helmet and don’t know who was, so I’m real nervous once I sand this spot down that I won’t find the right glossy black to match it again. Any advice on how to get this done right would be greatly appreciated. 
Sorry, trying to add photos but forum won’t do it because the photo kb size is too large. 

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Hi Elora,

I would think gloss black is gloss black, all over the world. If you do spot repair you'll always see a little shade especially when you use rattle cans. I would recommend using an airbrush, because you can dose the colour better to the right spot and painting the transitions is much easier. When you sand, start always with fine sanding paper and feel your way slowly. As always, trying is the best way. As for the pictures: you can either resize them to fit or you can use a picture upload hoster to place links.


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