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New Rocket Trooper in Jedi Survivor (minor spoilers)

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Hello all, this is my first post here, but I'm quite familiar with the rocket trooper since I was the one that started the original research thread over on whitearmor. At the time I figured I could take my in progress ROTJ TK and make it into a rocket trooper, but at the expense of my budget and lack of suppliers for the special parts, I ultimately just went ahead and made the classic ROTJ TK without all the fun bells and whistles. ItItss been several years of trooping in the legion, and my armor is due for some replacement parts in the near future. I spent the time last summer to do repairs as best as I could, but many of the mistakes I made on my first build limit my options. When I first built my armor, I did have the forethought to make the shoulder bells snap on/off of the rest of the arm, in case I wanted to ever get around to making a rocket trooper.

I honestly kind of forgot about this trooper and plans to convert my kit fell to the wayside. That was until 2 days ago, when I got into the new Jedi Survivor game. To my surprise, the rocket trooper was in the game very prominently, and it was still using the legacy bf2 style armor (how the CRL is now) and not the new one in bf2 (based on the rebels variant). In addition, the left shoulder is a light grey, and not the orange we see in BF2. 

The chest box seems to be painted different as well

Since this is a JFO series game, it uses the armor models from that game, which is ROTJ armor parts, but with ANH helmets (I think the ANH hero but I could be mistaken). 

Here's some screenshots showing the new changes:














Now I have a 3D printer, and can 3d model. I've been ripping some bf2 files and converting them to be printable. Wouldn't be too far fetched for me to do the same with the rocket trooper to convert my kit (and replace parts). I have a few other projects goin on atm, so I'm not sure if I'm going to get around to this anytime soon (maybe not for even another year) but its definitely now on my to do list. 

I figured at the very least I'd bring this to your guy's attention, in case anyone wants a rocket trooper with a grey pauldron and an ANH helmet. 


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@ericnathan811 thanks for the post! We do have the Rocket Trooper from Battlefront, so this would be in our detachment from what we see! We'd definitely assist you with a new-to-the-Legion (NTTL) costume process.

We'll take these images and create a reference pictures thread for it and perhaps a separate subforum if needed so that both games are separate. Since you have the game we may see if you can snag some more as we go through it! Additionally, we'll start the process with the Legion on inclusion of this costume.

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