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Basics of using snaps for strapping

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I figured I would create a step by step tutorial on how to use snaps for strapping.

I use Line 24 snaps for most strapping projects. 

Items required:

  • Line 24 snaps (male and female sets)
  • Snap setting tool and anvil
  • 1” and 2” nylon strapping
  • Soldering iron
  • Torch or lighter
  • Mallet
  • White paint pen (if using black strapping)
  • Scissors

First step is to make the male snap plates which will be glued to the armour. 

First step is to make a template with a piece of cardboard.  Mine is 2” by 1” with the holes spaced as seen in the photo. I marked one side as edge and one as inner, so I could keep the placement of the holes consistent when making straps. 

Next, you will need a 1” by 2” piece of strapping.  I use the cardboard template to measure it  



You will need to seal the cut edges of the nylon using a lighter or torch. I have a Hacksmith mini light sabre (overkill but very fun).  
This will prevent fraying.




Once this is done, you can now use the template to mark the hole locations with the paint pen. 




Next, use a soldering iron to make the holes for the snap posts. This will also prevent fraying. 



Next place a male snap post through the hole and put the corresponding piece over the post.



Hold the snap parts in place and place the snap setting tool onto the post  Gently tap the setting tool with the Mallet until the two pieces are secure.  Go slowly to avoid bending the post and fouling the snap.  




The completed snap plate can then be glued to the armour. I use E6000.  plastic weld or  CA glue will work but it is unforgiving if you make a mistake.  Allow at least 24 hours for the E6000 to dry.  Secure it to the armour with clamps or magnets. 


Now for the straps:

Roughly estimate the needed strap length and cut a piece of the 2” strapping to a bit longer than needed.

Seal the ends again with the torch and then mark the hole placements on 1 end of the strap with the template. 



Make the holes in the strap with the soldering iron as above.


Now place the female snaps the same way you did the male ones.



Once you have the 2 female snaps placed,  they can be attached to the male snap plates on the armour.  Make sure that the pieces to be strapped are positioned where they need to be.  I often tape them together for this step to ensure the strap snaps are perfectly placed.

Once you have done this, use the white paint pen to mark the rim of the male snaps.  Next pull the strap to the male snaps and press it onto the painted rim of the mail snap  this will show you where to put the holes for the posts.  Make a dot in the centre of this circle. Make sure that you have the strap pulled tight when you mark it.  If using elastic, make sure that it is not stretched when marking.




Now make your holes with the soldering iron and trim away any excess length of nylon.  Remember to seal the nylon cut edge with the torch. 


‘Place the female snaps as done in the previous step.

You should now have a strap that lines up perfectly with the snap plates  


Note.  If you are using elastic,  always fold the elastic to make it 3 layers thick  if you don’t do this, you are likely to pull the snap out of the elastic when pulling it.  I usually pin the elastic to keep it in place, then mark the hole points as done above.


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