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CRL Update Discussion - First Order Flametrooper

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In light of SW Celebration model details and a recent inquiry to newer details found on the costume, I have created this thread to drive discussion on a CRL update. Once items are identified the CRL text will be added in this post to illustrate the changes.


This will be the main listing and we'll tackle each part piece by piece (green is done, yellow is WIP, and red is not finalized):

  • Thighs
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The update proposal comes in the form of clarifying that the grooves on the thigh armor be allowed to be accentuated with black paint or be unpainted. Initially, since there were very little references from on-screen the Hot Toys action figure served as a secondary reference to the main costume. In this toy reference, the grooves on the thighs were painted black, however, upon seeing the display piece at Celebration, these grooves were NOT painted.

CVII 5.jpg vs Hot Toys 8.jpg

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I suggest the grooves “may be painted or unpainted.”  

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