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iz's Mando Work

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Since others have posted Mandos thought I post up a couple helmets, that I'm pretty happy with. They have been completed, but I haven't taken any pictures with the visors installed. Also sorry they're huge pics, but I'm to lazy to resize today.


My wife's future Mando bucket. Winter hit before I finished painting the armor:






You can get a glimpse of my Mando armor here, but it still needs tweaks before I'm happy with it:

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lol I'm feeling left out, maybe I should post mine.. and Clark's once he decides him his colour scheme.. lol he can never make a decision ever!


I love the pink bucket so much.. I am almost tempted to switch buckets with Clark and blatantly steal your awesome idea lol I don't think he'd let me though.

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Tori you need to build one.. i am working on mine too :D


Though I don't think mine will ever look as girly as izzi's does in the above photo! :P


....yeah i want one just lol no $$

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