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Phase 0 Dark Troopers advice

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hello friends troopers! :thumbsup:


I'm Wes Trebor the French garrison.

I made ​​my first armor that is a darktrooper (based on battlefront 2).

A friend trooper (TX 7319 Romeo Knight) told me he could be validated by the Special Ops. So I'm asking what changes should I do?


Excuse me if the translation in English are not very good! :unsure:


Here are the pictures:












thank you for your advice



Wes Trebor ID 9568


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Glad you are here :)


Je pense que tu devrais poster les photos sur lesquelles tu t'es basées pour faire ton armure et ils vont ensuite t'aider. En fait, il n'y a pas de CRL pour ce costume. Il faut donc rassembler toutes les images et définir une CRL afin que le costume devienne validable 501st.


Please post all the pictures on which you based yourself for building this costume. A CRL should be done as it is not a current valid 501st costume.


Same as here? http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/26-phase-0-dark-troopers-reference-pics/

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Here are the photo-based game which I served:








I did not put the red tip between jamabers for the moment, I thought they'd generais. I also left the protection of the knee to less empty.


I must still improve the jump pack. All tips are welcome!

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just going off a quick look I can tell you they'll require that you add the extra details to your jet pack to make it look exactly like the reference. Also the rockets on the jet pack are round and have a little cone shape at the top of them. You'll need to change your shoulder bells. They might require that you add on that lip to the helmet's tubes that run around to the back of the bucket. The majority of the paint seems to be a light gray with there being a pattern of dark gray on the thighs (front and back), inside bicep armor, upper chest plate, lower torso (below belt) and also the thermal detonator with the bucket being the same light grey as the armor and the frown being the darker gray. The red buttons actually need to sit in-between the calf and thigh armor. There are 2 larger boxes on the front of the belt. They'll probably ask that you close in the back of your shin guards.


Not trying to be nit-picky, but these would be things they would look at for a "new costume approval" Looks like you have a great start, but to get added to the roster, there's a bit more work you'll need to do. Keep up the good work bro! :)

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Thank you for your advice.

I thought adding gates on the jet pack, and even a small fan.

I'll try to modify the shoulders so they are less on arms.


I would rather put the light gray on the jet pack and thermal detonator as on the side of the little "nipples".


For the general color effect I took gray hammered. I find it very well. Romeo Knight thinks you (color) after seeing it for real?

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I'm going to use the following image, as it shows some nice details you can't see in the other pics. The story behind the Phase 0 Dark Troopers is they first experiented with adding cybernetics to clones for the project. (Ever wonder why the Clones started disappearing?)




This is a hybrid armor and not strictly a TK variant. You will use a combination of CT and TK style armor, and most likely some custom pieces as well.


Clone trooper parts.

    From the bottom up:
  • Boots
    • These look very clone to me. Possibly a custom, but I doubt it from the current references available.

    [*] Thighs

      [*] All the markings of standard clone thighs from what I can see, and the rest will be added with the paint job.

      [*] Cod

        [*] Clone standard with a custom paint job.

        [*] Belt

          [*] Looks to be simply the clone belt.

          [*] Ab and kidney plates

            [*] Clone standard - The markings on this aren't even in question.

            [*] Chest

              [*] Clone standard with a custom paint job.

              TK parts

                From the bottom up:
              • Forearms
                • Look to be TK. However, if you can get a hold of AM forearms, I'd cut them a bit big, round them out and pad them to give it that bulky look.

                [*] Biceps

                • Look to be TK. I'd also try to use some padded AM arms to bulk them up.


              Customs! (Woo hoo!)

                From the bottom up:
              • Shins
                • We can see from the raised edge that happens in the front and back that these are not Clone parts. However, We also do not have the raised edge around the top of the shin like standard TK armor. This needs to be custom made to match the references. Also neither shin has a knee plate attached

                [*] Knees - Silver and red knobs

                  [*] These need to be on both sides of each knee. Maybe as a snap to he under suit. It could also be the joint to a hinge, and it could be possible to float it by creating such a hinge connecting the shin to the thigh.

                  [*] Butt

                    [*] Clone shape with a custom grove pattern.

                    [*] Jump/Jet pack

                      [*] Totally custom. Be sure you get it to closely match references.

                      [*] Shoulder bells

                        [*] Not shaped like a clone, and I'm not seeing a raised ridge like a TK. If you could take of AM armor, cut out the ridge and rebuild it, that would probably work.

                        [*] Helmet

                          [*] Seems wider and squatter than the average TK's, with a taller chin. It may be possible to cut parts of the face out of an FX helmet to achieve this look. but an un-modded FX alone wouldn't cut it. I would say that an accurate sized TK bucket just couldn't be modded enough to achieve the look, but I would love to be proven wrong.



                            From the bottom up
                          • Thermal Detonator / O2 Tank

                              [*] Hand Plates

                                [*] Need a better reference. Can't see them at all here.

                                [*] Chest

                                  [*] I need a better reference, as the blaster and arms cover up all the defining marks of the chest in the pictures I've seen. I'm leaning towards TK, as it seems to have the indents near the shoulder straps. Better screen caps will tell whether it's a TK, TC or a custom job.[*] Chest greeblies seem to be the same as what floats on the sides of the knees. You look to be on the right track there.

                                  [*] Back

                                    [*] As it's covered with the jet pack, I would rule that it's to match the same style as the chest plate.

                                    [*] Shoulder Straps

                                      [*] Not sure if there are any from the picture. Like the back, I'm sure they would match the chest. A better reference would be optimal.


                                      There's my breakdown. Have at it! I'd like to see someone with the determination to see this through. There's a reason why I've never attempted this myself... I'd just look plain silly in clone armor.



                          • Need a better reference to see the panel markings if there are any. I would lean towards clone as the belt is from TC armor.
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oulalaa! that the risk of being difficult to do that! :confused:

I did not understand everything. But for now I have no clone armor for the changes ..

I left a stormtrooper.

I would add the 2 red knobs legs.

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There are a few clone makers out there that will pull you parts, so you wouldn't need to invest in a full suit. In order to get this 501st approved you would need to match the parts and the paint scheme.


The suit you have now looks like a cool custom set of armor though, and would draw good amount of attention at conventions.



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Thanks Izzi for the awesome review of the armor.


Si je résume ce qu'a dit le chef, y'a 3 types de parties d'armures qui composent le darktrooper : le clone (en grande partie), le storm et du custom.


Avant de te lancer dans cette armure, tu aurais du te renseigner un peu plus et faire des recherches. Là, ça risque de demander un sacré travail si tu veux aboutir à quelque chose d'accurate. Maintenant, à toi de voir si tu restes dans un storm custom qui ne sera jamais validé 501 ou si tu relèves le défi de faire le 1er Darktrooper validé 501st (et là, il te faudra investir dans des parties de clone et bosser sur les pièces non conformes + la peinture).



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ok ok

I would try to do a real darktrooper! by cons is there a website where I find these pieces of clone without buying any armor? and pieces consistent with the 501 if possible ..


AC will not be good for now unfortunately because the family grows in a few months but I hope to do this if possible within a year


thank you Izzi

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