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Deathtrooper Forearm Gauntlet Question

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Fellow Troops:

  A build question.  Review CRL guidance on the DT-forearms, specifically states:

"The ladder detailing is evident and has approximately 13-rungs, or 12-indents evenly spaced along it's length".


What are other troops doing regarding the overall size and more specifically the length of the forearm armor relative to the wearer's arm length?

My forearm length is not as long as the forearm armor.  To leave the armor showing the 13-rungs and/or 12-indents, would not allow me to flex my elbow and would appear

assymetric to the overall look. 

Has any specific guidance or allowance been given to enable troops to cut off the excess length to allow for accurate/symmetric fit, even if that may mean the stated number

of rungs/indents is not identical to the CRL, or was a different assembly done from individual to individual



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Not sure how to get around this. Mine were ok for length. Without cutting. There was still a fair bit of room at the wrist and elbow if it had to be a bit longer. Maybe different armorors products may fit different?

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I'm a one of the DCAs for the DT and the Primary on the last CRL update. Ideally, your armor should be proportional to your body and maintain the appearance outlined in the CRL. How many "indentations" would you need to remove in order for the forearms to fit you? Get with your GML, explain what your issue is and discuss whether he/she would approve the modification. As Ryan mentioned in the FB group, the CRL does say "approximately" and was worded for situations like this. If your GML has any questions, he/she can reach out to us in the Legion GML/CRL section of the forums.

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