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Best way protecting DT Armor paint - Ceramic Coating?

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general question on maintaining and protecting the paint of a Death Trooper armor. I have the Jim Trippon kit and decided to start of shiny and clean gloss black to allow it to age and weather itself naturally. Nevertheless, what are all of you use to keep it clean, shiny, and protected?

Since I used automative paint and clear coat, I use Meguiar's ULTIMATE POLISH. It not only removes minor scratches, but also gives a great shine and a smooth surface.

My question is, did anyone try out Ceramic Coating for a better and longer protection?


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Sounds to me like you are already have a great system in place. You your self said you wanted to start off shiny and new and let the suit "weather" with use. I use an auto polish on my kit to bring back the shine after I wash off my weathering before re-weathering it again. Ceramic coatings are designed to protect from UV and dirt and oils. Like Doc said the coating is very thin and if you do go that route I would recommend putting multiple layers. I'm a cheap-skate so using something that expensive for armor that I want to look like what's on screen, doesn't make sense for me to use.

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Good discussion! Some scratches are unavoidable and it is ok for natural weathering. Since the armor is so robust, I have already a few scratches just from bumping somewhere, hitting with the blaster parts of the armor, or even the blaster holster on the right thigh. Ceramic may be a better option to protect from UV and fingerprints. I may give it a try with a few armor pieces less visible.

Thank you all!

We had our Squad's 20 Years Anniversary photo shoot in the Everglades and cannot look at this one enough. 🙂


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