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Rhragnarok Death Trooper

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Hello everyone!  So I purchased Tom Campbell's files to make a Death Trooper a few years ago and got sidetracked with other projects.  Now I am finally getting around to starting on it.   I have no plans to finish this quickly.  Going to take my time and have fun with it.  But I do have many questions as I start to analyze the suit and see things that I had not considered.   So I will just start asking questions.  Since I don't have anything to show on my build yet.

First one, on the thigh armor, there is some ribbing on the inside and outside of the armor.  It looks rigid, but it also looks very similar to the flexible ribbing of the undersuit.  Are these two parts supposed to be flexible?  MCM Design's files (Previously known as MCM Design's files (Previously known as Tom's files)) has them as rigid printed parts.


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Another question.   The files I have were made for a smaller person than me.  I am scaling the armor up to fit me.  But I am wondering about things like the belt buckle, ammo clips, grenades, pouches, etc.   Should those be left the standard size so that they look consistent and intentionally smaller on me?  Or should I scale them up so that when viewed on me, them look proportionate as if I were a normal sized trooper?   I am 6'7".  270lbs.  The armor looks like it was made for someone around maybe 6'3" 190lbs.   

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With respect to the ribbing on the thighs, the CRL says that they should look like rubber as I believe the screen used ones were. They can however be rigid and just painted to look like rubber. I sprayed mine with Plastidip to get the effect. 

with respect to the smaller parts, they should look proportional to the armour but I don’t think it will make too much of a difference for the buckles. The ammo clips need to fit into the chest rig, which I believe has specific dimensions , so that would need to likely not be adjusted. 

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Does anyone know where I can pick up any of these buckles in the correct size and shape?  Seems like they should be common, but all of the ones I find are not quite right.  Either too big, or the wrong shape corners.


Follow up question...does anyone know the correct strap thickness on this? I am using MCM Design's files (Previously known as Tom's files), and the sling clips on them are modeled to be 1.25". So I have been basing my strap on that also. And thus trying to find that size buckles. But I feel like it looks thicker in the above image.


If MCM Design's files (Previously known as Tom's files) are to be considered accurate in scale, the dia of the base of the stock of the E-11D is almost exactly 37mm or 1.46". Which makes them larger than 1.25". But his sling clips are 1.25" for sure. So is the strap too wide for those and we just can't see it in the reference? Or are the files wrong and the sling clips too small? Wondering if anyone has any more info on this subject?


You can also see here the straps in the clips on the reference.  But its hard to tell what's going on.   If anyone has more pics of this from different angles or poses that would be great.




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The sling is a 1.25 inch sling. I recommend not using any sling clip/buckle that you have to 3D print.

I bought metal swivel clips from this place:


I bought this type so I could screw the mounting posts into my 3D print. It has held up very well over the years.

and I bought a plain black 1.25 inch sling from this place


Any similar item will do. There is no CRL specific requirements for weapons, they simply must look like the reference in details and size.

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8 hours ago, Rhragnarok said:

Did you put the sling clips on yours?  If so, did you print them or did you buy some?

I put the 3D printed ones on for accuracy but just no sling as I would not trust the printed clips to hold the weight as Chris mentioned above. 

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