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Canon Vs. Custom: The endless debate.

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With the creation of the new Visual Costume Reference Library for each costume, there will inevitably be costume options added or removed as the references are examined and the explanations of the costume requirements are streamlined.


Canon: For 501st standards, something is considered canon if it has enough resources to be generally accepted as a valid representation of the Armor. Three resources is generally what is desired, but there may be as little has one excellent visual resource. In some cases when a full costume may not be seen, other costumes may be used as a canon reference, if a strong case can be presented on how the two costume correlate.


Custom: In the 501st, something is considered custom or non-cannon, when a portion of the armor's physical appearance has created or altered without a visual reference to support it or has been modified to the owner's taste. This could be in shape, details or color and may include any portion of the armor and weaponry. This also includes any armor with references that have not yet passed the Legion approval process. (i.e. The Novatrooper was considered a "custom" armor until it successfully went through the approval process.)


Now that we have our definitions out of the way we need to look at Legion requirements:

The only requirements for membership are "ownership" of an accurate, complete, and professional-quality costume celebrating the Imperial (Dark Side) characters from the Star Wars films or its expanded universe sources...

Basically we need a costume that looks like we stepped off the screen and right onto the event floor. This is important because this does not mean we have to adhere to every single measurement, though it does mean that we need to have a costume that presents a “canon appearance.” I am 6'3” and would never pass for a 5'8”=5'10” TK in the movies, but I could still be approved as one if my armor met the CRL specifications.


Most details in armor will pass as long as they are roughly the right proportions and when assembled give the appearance of the character without the shadow of a doubt.

It is important that these details in shape and coloring are adhered to, and small modifications to the armor are acceptable as long as they do not conflict with the description in the CRL or the overall appearance. As long as the basic CRL requirements are met, you are considered to have a “canon” costume.


A custom costume is one that has immediately identifiable differences from the references and sources used to make the CRL for the costume. This could be a pauldron, a color combination for ab buttons, and even weapons that may be in the star wars universe, but are not shown to be carried by that character. If you cannot produce a resource for a detail with your character, then you should consider it a custom addition to the armor.


The use of custom costumes, armor and props when applying for Legion membership have a high chance of preventing membership until they are brought in line and new pictures are taken. It could be as simple as taking off a pauldron, getting the correct blaster for the character, or as complicated as changing entire pieces of the costume.


Though custom parts to the armor should never be used for approval pictures, Crazas as the current DL and myself as the current XO are not forbidding the use of custom armor, costumes or props while trooping. However, we do request that you respect the wishes of your commanding officers if you are asked to remove any custom parts during an event.




p.s. Troopers rejoice as since I wrote this article resources came to light that approved black pauldrons for Blackhole Troopers and Magmatroopers!

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