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Shadow Scout Helmet Questions

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1 hour ago, President Amidala said:

Wonderful thank you! Is .04 thick enough or should it be the .06 one?

Me personally I would go for the darkest tint and thickest possible just to be certain

On a side note, if you are ordering there, they also sell decals if you dont have them and might help consolidate some shipping.  If you’re ordering decals just be sure that the sheen you order will contrast the armor sheen you will have.

IE Gloss armor…get matte decals.  Matte/Satin armor…get gloss decals (not sure if he lists gloss but you can email and request them).

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  • 4 weeks later...

I'll have a discussion with the team, but as of right now I don't not have plans to follow suit as Pathfinders (at no discredit to them or at arms with them). Our character has been based on comic book and low-poly video game characters. We do have provisions in our CRL that follow the Pathfinder's ROTJ CRL to allow for the easier building of costume with shared details.

However, I do believe this could be addressed in updating the CRL to state "Scout style helmet accurate in shape and form as per the reference image"; although one can argue that the CRL text already addresses this by stating "Text descriptions are only one part of the guideline. GMLs and costumers must consider both text and pictures (CRL and Reference) when reviewing the costume."

I too have assisted in the building of a WTF helmet and costume with a fellow member and had the same results as @crazas. Basic approval to me comes back to allowing the best access to parts to make the costume. The proper work can be put in to make the WTF helmet work and be approvable globally at L1.

I will create a new thread for this going forward for input so that we don't take over this member's thread. The thread was created here: 


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