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Shadow Trooper Advise Appreciated

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Good Day everyone.

Am Alvin fr 501st Singapore Garrison.

Was looking to get a spec ops trooper, (my 1st armoured costume), and a fellow member offer me his set which I bought, as shown in picture.

Have since got a new silver lens for bucket, new body harness, E11 blaster etc.

Two Questions:

1) I noticed from the CRL picture, it seems that the E11 holster is mounted to the belt, correct? Cos the set I got don't have. I presumed it was looped through previously. 

If I have to mount / fix the holsters to the belt, can it be located between the side of my left thigh n butt? Or does it have to be fixed directly next to the side of my left thigh?

If the holster can be looped, it'll be great, cos I can easily adjust minutely it's position.


2) Does the rest armour looks good for approval?

PS: I suck at "Spot the difference between 2 similar pictures" games, thus will need other extra experts' eyes. Lolx.

TIA for any advise. 



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Hello and welcome! I can hopefully answer these for you:

  1. The E11 Holster is indeed mounted to the belt via fasteners that can be rivets, snaps or Chicago screws (this picture shows Chicago screws) and they are painted black. It is mounted close to the location below on the left side of the belt/wearer and only has the two fasteners through the bottom of the belt. Some belts have 4 fasteners (two on each side top and bottom), the 4 fasteners is NOT correct. It cannot be looped around the belt, only affixed from behind.
  2. From the picture, even though it is a little small, there doesn't appear to be any issues I can see from the front that would prohibit and approval from your GML. I noticed there is Velcro on one of the shoulder bells probably from mounting a patch or something. That isn't in the CRL, but your GML would be the one approving it or not.
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