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BlackHole trooper Helmet

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Hey guys I was checking the CRL etc and was trying to figure out what belts are acceptable. I know awhile ago there was a debate about canvas vs. shiny material like a vinyl. Also, I know a member was making the black canvas and cannot seem to find the thread.



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from the CRL

* BELT BACK: Made of gloss black plastic, shiney/glossy black leather belt or similar material to match the armor. 3 to 3.5†wide.


A Shiny black like the armor is preferred. If you used a canvas belt, you might want to get a bit of black vinyl or patent leather to wrap around it.

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The LMO will accept either at the moment. This may be something that changes as we get the CRL figured out. Also I suspect the creation of the CRL will open up a dialogue with the LMOs. Sorry it's not a real definitive answer, but that's why we're creating the CRLs to begin with.



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