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Nova Gold Decals?


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Used my FS lid to test this out. From a distance it looks great but up close there is alot of "spidering"/ bubbles in certain areas. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get rid of these imperfections? Some areas look great but others really need work. Suggestions?















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Don't have a Nova, but for what it's work ... Those Hand Plates Look Amazing!


And with a bit of work you could probably work the wrinkles out with a credit card.

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You're going to need to cut everything to the right shape, so you'll most likely have little notches for the curves to sit right.


I was thinking about trying it myself, but I'm not sure I like how much shine it gets. Looks cool, but something seems off to me. Keep working at it though, you might be stumbling onto something good.



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It look cool, really cool, and I'm pretty sure that, with some work, you'll be able to get rid of those little details, but I think that keeping the same "gold" color for all Novas will be better

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but I think that keeping the same "gold" color for all Novas will be better

I hate to be the lone dissenter but I'm not a big fan. As best I can tell, it's not accurate to the references, Nova striping isn't reflective. And there's no way to apply the film to all of the curves and indentations without it creasing and looking bad. Just try and use it on the forearms and you'll see what I mean. With proper application nothing will look better than paint.


A great and creative Idea, but not too practical IMHO.

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Doh, now what to do with $17 worth of reflective gold decal :6:


It was worth a try but based on the response i'm guessing it wouldn't be an idea that would pass a vote if it came down to it. I appreciate all the constructive criticism. What I was trying to do was match the reflectiveness (dunno if that's a word) of the AM armor to the stripes. The way I was looking at the references the armor and the stripes shared a light reflecting quality. Unfortunatly the references are drawn in such a way that you can't really tell how reflective/glossy either really is. And really you can't depend on the SWG references because the technology at the time of the game restricted having reflective/glossy armor on any of the textures used in the game so all armored characters apperaed to have flat non- reflective surfaces.


I was trying to get away from the paint look mostly because I saw in my mind's eye actual gold plating or gold embedded in the armor itself versus just paint stripes denoting Nova status. I was hoping to have the stripes look more like actual shined unweathered gold rather than gold paint. I think the decals were perhaps overly reflective and defeated my original intent. I was kind of thinking along the lines of C-3PO rather than Clone Trooper paint stripes. I've contacted a few companies but unfortunatly no one has gotten back to me on vacuum metalizing so for now I will stick with what works. :)


Again thanks SpecOps for the input it was much appreciated. Especially my Nova Brothers and Sisters :salute:


Now back to the CRL's :duim:

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