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More SWG Troopers

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I found some more SWG troopers while running through some museums in-game the other day.


Imperial Forest Camouflage Armor - First Edition:




Current Armor in-game:




Here's the game description:

Imperial Scout Trooper Forest Camouflage Armor. A recent development from Imperial Ordinance. Not routinely issued to troops.



Apparently what happened was the Camo Stormie came out, and players complained so much about its ugliness that it was changed. Creating the Scout based armor that exists in the game today.

If anyone needs better screenshots, I can try to get some of the Scout one, since the Stormtrooper-based one no longer exists.


Just thought I'd share for another possible trooper (Forest Trooper?). Not sure if this would be us either.




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Huh, looks like my last post in this didn't work.


Anyway here's a link to more pictures of the armor set:




I think I posted this awhile ago, but here's the SWG Shocktrooper armor.




And I found another character with the Shocktrooper armor, but black! He's Sergeant Snopel and is the commando-profession trainer for new players.



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well, in the whacky world that is my life, I've always fancied doing a Camo Scout.

The Forest trooper seems to fit that bill.



Now, to make something different, my idea is to embed real foliage into the base armour, so it looks more 'natural'.


This may or may not work, so today in order to test the theory, I've encased some leaves in resin to see whether they retain their colour, or whether the chlorophyll will still degrade without the presence of oxygen.

Don't fancy spending all that time laying in leaves only for them to all go brown after a few weeks (the autumn trooper).



Wish me luck.

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Bit of an Epic Fail on the embedded foliage idea.


They have started to brown..... so that's that particular idea out of the window.




Oh well, had to be tried.




The other avenue I had on this one, was 'real tree' camouflage material, and a similar process, clear gel coat as the top coat and then embed the material behind it.

When I can be bothered to get some material, I'll give this a go.

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Righty.... now we've got the Snow Scout sorted (ish), it's time to move on to the next one.


I know some of you are considering/researching the swampy, so I shall leave that one to you chaps.


So that leaves me the Forest Trooper.



So in the interest of pushing research further, are there any inhabitants here who are on this new SWG-Emu who could possibly try and drag up some decent all round shots of this armour, in various lighting shades if possible so we can get to see the actual pattern on the armour??



Also, from what we have here, and the opinions of everyone, how do you think using some form of existing camouflage pattern (although a sufficiently obscure one) of a temperate/jungle nature would suit?


If there are any patterns, any suggestions chaps? A-TACS, Vegetato, Digital, RealTree of some form?


Like i mentioned previously, the idea would be to embed some of the material in GRP resin. I'm going to see if I've got some old combats kicking about to try the theory.

Obviously, not much point in me running down this route, should this avenue be a non-starter.


But always open to a bit of discussion.

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Yeah, I know... I was just listing some random camo names.

For the most part, I think I'll be needing something more verdant (green based). Stuff like A-TACS, Digital and the likes tend to be more arid/desert based.


It needs to be greens based, like US woodland, but preferably greener still. Vegetato is nice (I use that myself for airsofting), but something like CADPAT or the old Mitchell (spring -summer) Pattern, and some of the Roggenwolf family of patterns look pretty cool.


But that's the sort of thing I mean.

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