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FU Shadow TK

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I was thinking of upgrading my Nova, but I'm wondering if the Force Unleaded Shadow TK would be better,,, And these pics looks so good, and the fact the LMO is considering it has made up my mind.


Just need some info:


From what I gathered the armor is grey, with black shoulder bells, what color are the shoes, looks like the eyes and possibly the frown have to glow but dos anything else? Where can I find the proper blue lighting, I know someone mentioned electro luminescent light, but an e-bay search turned up nothing. And what colors work bets for armor?

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Hey, I'm slowly working on one of these right now as well. Don't know if you saw my build thread.


I tried EL wire but was overall too dim and thin for what I needed. However, LED strips tucked underneath produced a great effect, as seen in the pic below.




As for what needs to be lighted; Helmet (eyes, frown and tube stripes), Chest onto ab, small bit of shoulder bells, forearms, Belt onto kidney/butt, Therm. Det., knee ammo box on the right thigh, and around the ankles of the calf armor.


I'm currently working with Scootch to see if he can vac-form some clear armor for me to help the light shine through for certain armor pieces. Initial trials with PETG plastic weren't working so well...


Thanks for reminding me that I need to finish this project though :)




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I saw yours, but the refs all seem to show variations.


What ref are we using, in this one it looks likes only the bucket has the glowing parts, speaking of which what happened with Crazas build.


Looks like four variants here, kinda like the second one.



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Mine's based off of the PC/Xbox version. I believe Crazas is using the Wii version (it doesn't have the lighting). It's a bit odd but the Xbox version also has a different helmet (one solid color rather than the two-tone in that pic and the Wii).


Here's one of my ref. pics I'm using (with all the lighting):



I'm still a little confused myself on what I want to do due to all these different references (I want to deviate from Crazas paint scheme, but yet I want to stay with it, my brain hurts from thinking about it).

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Believe I know how that feels, I'm built an A'Shaard Hett and just figuring that out has been a pain... I just want to build it, even if it isn't viable for the legion but the current LMO's seem open minded enough.

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What does the PS3 version have? Does it match one of them or is it a third variant. If it matches, I would go with that. That is no guarantee though as can be seen with the Amber rank bar requirement for Juno, that was based on one source (PS3 I think) when the Wii and Xbox both looked Yellow. However, going with majority is probably your best bet

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