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Storm Commando - Redux


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time has come to update my Storm Commando (Shadow Scout) armour for something a little more accurate.


gone is my old V1 Armour, and now moving on to my V2 armour.


here's a few pics thus far and I'll update more when I get there.


Here's the new Back/hump. More accurate and detailed than the previous one. it's a bit larger in the hump, and the armour edges has a nice return. Painted in Satin finish as per our GML's instruction. Hump looks massive but this is due to camera perspective (it's ok.... trust me!).



Chest plate. Again painted, detailing tidied.



Bucket, fresh out of the mould. still to be sanded and prepped for painting.



All the helmet parts together, fresh out of the moulds. Started to prep the visor shroud. Tightened the visor flare up over the V1 and corrected some of the gapping issues and surface details up. Still need to add a snout. This is all unglued, so the flare will tighten up when all finished.


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looking good. can't wait to see more work done.



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Got the lid painted in the main coat of satin, need to add the snout and then pain the snout area in gloss. I am going to aim to have the visor lens removable by embedding a screw thread into the nose area. This is with a view to being able to switch between this standard lens and a red one for my future Weir project (save me having to have two lids!!).


Painted the boot holster, one bicep, forearm and a knee plate.


The others will be ready to come out of the moulds in the morning.


I'll get some more pictures when the lighting is a little better.

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As promised...


Lid, prepped for painting.




Lid post painting. Still needs the snout, bolts and decals etc...





The other bits.... Post painting.






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Some previous pics that I haven't uploaded yet.



Bicep, complete with accurate detail bit.


The other side has the t-bit reversed as per Scout Lancer spec.


Knee plate, complete with extra rivets and now has top strap too.



Boot holster attached.



Backplate with accurate tank topper attached, and rivet on the underside.






Helmet completed barring the decals.




Most of the other bits are all now painted and strapped up ready to go. Just got to stick some gloss on the rivets.


Need to get some 2" webbing for the belt, so I can finish that and the drop boxes.


Then it's just the Thermal Det to go and I'm done!

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for that nose piece on the helmet would it still remain cannon if you did detail work with silver paint. or accent it with a metal color. like the nozzle mouth piece on trooper helms.


cause if you could i think that would be great touch to the helmet.

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Hey Kevin...


It's our GML's instructions.


The UKG's Storm Commando's are all black. No grey, no silver lenses, no details.


The Armour is Satin finish and the detailing such as decals and striping is in gloss.



We just fade into the background!

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Hey Kevin...


It's our GML's instructions.


The UKG's Storm Commando's are all black. No grey, no silver lenses, no details.


The Armour is Satin finish and the detailing such as decals and striping is in gloss.



We just fade into the background!


it says you can do silver lenses and doesent say anything about the nose and does say you can detailing in black or dark grey. so a dark grey nose piece.!!


not trying to tell you what you should do. just tossing ideas




For 501st approval:

  • Lenses must be black, dark green or a silver mirrored.
  • Helmet may have scout detailing or left plain. If detailing is present it must be black or dark gray.
  • Licensed helmets are acceptable with modifications:
    • remove the manufacturer logo
    • replace stock lens
    • remove "fish-hook" logo
    • replace stock bolts with flat-disc "elevator" bolts
    • replace inaccurate aerator.
    • repaint to match the armor.

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It's alright chaps...


we're a bit eccentric over our side of the pond.


Back when the whole Storm Commando discussion started up a few years ago, we had a major conflab about how the costume should look.

All the source material that we could find was then considered by our GML and it was decided within the boundaries of the CRL that we would all adopt the same 'scheme' to create uniformity amongst us all.



So, from here on in, when a new chap decides to do a Storm Commando, we have a set of guidelines in which to get them to build their costume (and my own).

The system works amazingly well, and we get real consistency across all the costumes.



So I'm just updating my armour to a more accurate version (better fitting, better shape, more accurate detailing etc...), but will be keeping the same scheme as the other Commandos in the G (and as my previous armour).


But thank's for trying to help. It's much appreciated. It just shows what a top place this is.




well, I've got my TD out of the mould. Just flat and paint it, assemble all the bits and make the belt.

It's going to be tight for the weekend.... (as I've got to make another TD as well...) But I'll make it.


Hopefully I'll get some pics of me suited and booted before the weekend.

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Well... another update, one so earth shatteringly good I thought it deserved a post of its own.



I have just had my SC decals through from Mike at TrooperBay, and I did a request for an adaption on the normal Scout theme that he does.


I asked for them to be all black, with the main detail being gloss black (the same as you'd find on a normal scout bucket), but the grey parts (as should be) being a satin black.


I got them through the post today, and they are AWESOME.

exactly what I was after and I have to say, they are just superb.


Thought I'd share, because they are well worth using.


I'll stick them on my bucket tomorrow as I am just about to go to bed.

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if you ask Mike, he'll do the same as mine...


he's actually interested to know if people prefer the straight black ones, or the 'textured' ones like mine?



Here's a couple of pictures of the decals on the lid.


excuse the odd lighting, but I've tried to get it so you can see the difference on the decals.





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well, it's completed, and had the nod from the GML, and then trooped in long and hard over the weekend.


Here's a few pictures I had taken in the changing room, It's a bit lopsided after beasting myself senseless all weekend in it, and I'm probably going to take out the hard pouch boxes on reflection. But it held up well, no malfunctions.


I'm sure some of the guys will have action shots from MEM, but I shall have to wait and see.


Apologies for the quality, damned iPhone.













Good enough for specialist?

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its hard to tell the details with indoor lighting try it outside in the sun. Everything looks to be there I have no complaints o.o I just dont know if we have a specialist system for scouts yet. Would love to see a close up on boots =D

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I think there is... (maybe wrong... but if not... now's a good time to start!!)



things I can think of.


ribbed bund (7 stitch lines)- check

curve on crotch (rather than V) - check

2" strap up the back of the bund - check

single rivet on one piece belt - check

Belt velcro secured - check

new greeb on TD (concave end caps) - check

flak vest with ribbed sleeves - check

crotch patch - check

bum flap - check

thigh straps - check

T-Bits (opposing directions, so both face forward when worn) - check

knee plates with rivets and two straps (one 12mm, one 25mm) - check

Boots with soles cut (really should do the front section too) and dog bone with stitching - check

Rivet on bottom of tank - check

Accurate tank topper (all black) - check

Sith Armour gloves - check



Know what you mean about the picture quality... iPhone sucks for that.


I'll see if I've got any half decent ones in the library.

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Looks good to me. Be hard to nitpick that for Lancer even. You have everything correct, the fit is good. Other then adjusting the pouches to look more even...what paint did you use, flat or satin? Love the stealthiness of it. One of these days I'll do one of these.

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it's a satin finish Mike. We did have loads of discussion about it over in the UKG forums about what colour we should do it. Satin was decided in the end, so that's what colour all the UK ones are.


Thanks for the comments...


I know the pouches are squiff...

I'd just come in from a hard day's trooping I'm surprised more wasn't hanging off.



I'll try and get some pics from the weekend. There's a classic one of me getting some random punter to the show doing press-ups. He turned up in one of those really bad Storm Trooper fancy dress costumes, so I punished him for being "improperly dressed".

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