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imperial destroyer enginer

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hello all.


i open a new way for a new costume.

this idea is born on an Italian's event, where i've meet Davide Fabbri, a designer who have made job for star wars saga, in some comics series, like EMPIRE.

he have made a new soldier, who has regular troop help the elite stormtrooper assault.


it began has a joke, and after seing the comics and collect some pictures, i've made the costume...


here are the pictures where the destroyer enginer appears:




and here you are the new costume i've made for pleasure...and trooped also two time in two different events, in two different garrisons, french one and italian one.







and in the same time, i've made a variant with armored chest, who can be more usefull for a ground assault.

the chest have too a grapping hook at the side.




some "military tags" have been added, like the "born to blast" in imperial code on the left side of the helmet, the card "black aces" on the top of the chest, so a feww add who made this costume more accurate for battlefields..



perhaps it can open the way for a future approval, using more of the expanded universe...


and here is a picture with the creator, Davide Fabbri, who was very happy to see his creation in live...



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That's pretty cool. Nice job. I hope you take Izzi's advice toward approval.



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must see that more "imperial" details have been added, as it's not a classic costume, first seen push us in a "ghostbuster's one" instead of a possible SW saga one...


and the first idea on this kind of costume, is for the pouches and the backpack, many variant can exist for different speciality.

i'm working on an other variant with a rocket launcher...

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Cool. If it's just a costume that you're having fun customizing then no approval is ever needed. If you ever want to to try for approval, then let me know and I'll help you get it all sorted out and get you through the approval process as I've done it a few times before.



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Iz, if you want to open the possibility to build an approval process, it will be more difficult for all who will want to build one like this, i've made it with a lot of pieces taken every where, because it's not easy to have the right one who's been only draw...

imagination is bigger than reality.


like the boots, it take me two month to find this pair with the three buckles who were on the comics...

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I can see this as a doable costume and as one approvable from the art work. The jumpsuit and pouchs are great, though I believe a unified color would be better. not trying to fix your project just seeing what you did. I've always wondered if there was a non armor variant ( sapper if you would) for the stormtroopers, a grunt for the empire. I'm glad someone found it! and if it ever does make the approval list I'd proudly wear it( for the detachment patch :thumbsup: ) especially if it was in black.

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The thing is we need people to build these before we can run for approval.


It's a bit of 'Chicken and Egg' syndrome.


So if you fancy having a go, we can discuss the reference images with you and how best to proceed.

And then when the time comes, we'll be behind you all the way to get it approved.


We'll even converse with the LMO's for you, in order to assist the process.



We'd need to bring it to their attention and see whether the reference material is suitable. We would need consistent references that show the costume in a 360 degree panorama (i.e., we can see all of it from front back and sides).

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ok this might be something I can get in on. and I have alot of free time next week to really dive through those pictures to pick appart the costume and work through colors and parts. If thats alright with you Darthpinpin. This was your project first so I'd love to hear your thoughts an ideas on it. I'm never one to steal others ideas just expand on them if I can.


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hmm this is interesting. The pack looks likes as if it had 4 box compartments and with the individual troopers wearing the pack their kits are different though the basic design of the pack is simular. so with that basic body you could have a free rain of variations(shovel, pouchs, detenators, tubes, cable, ect). I might try my hand at the pack when I get back from my honeymoon. I've been meaning to play around with crafting ABS for some time. this may be simple and fun enough to do so with liberty of errors. (took a second look and what do you know! those heavy wearpons troopers are wearing something damn simular to the destroyer engineers packs.)


The hardest part I can see for this build is the boots. Gloves are standard officer wear, short leather gloves with 2 lines down the back. Jumpsuit( yes I'm bias and its what I have on hand :thumbsup: ) looks like the black flight suit. Pouchs the black fabric MP 40 Though leather would work too. you might get away with leather pouchs that MEPD have as well. That chest pouch they have is driving me insane. I'm unsure of it's origins but as I can see Darthpinpin found something that works nicely. Helmet is a simple version of the At-st driver with out the com-box. belt and this is the last thing I'm going to attempt to identify tonight looks like a heavy tactical belt I can find at any surplus store.

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I have the DC awesome con this weekend but I'll be purchasing what I need for the pack. just need to find the boots and a helmet now. belt and pouchs should be relatively easy to locate. I got some guys in the military force's in my garrison so they may be able to help me locate the pouchs. Hell many of them go up on sale on the MEPD boards all the time.


so for the pack I'll be hitting up home depo for the tubes to make the frame and possibley michaels for the poster board to mock up a pack before I hit grainger to get the ABS to Cut and Shape by hand. (no access to a vacuform or same such device.)

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Helmet: AT-ST Drive helmet in black with out com or Back greeby. With standard AT-ST Driver Goggles


Jumpsuit: Black Tie jumpsuit


Belt: - standard issue military Webbing belt with plastic buckle or a belt made of thick 2 inch wide webbing with plastic buckle

- suspenders made of 2 inch webbing to be worn with the belt in an H style suspender harness with the cross strap at the mid back


Pouchs: 2 - MP-40 pouchs to be worn on the belt on either side of the buckle made of either leather or canvus

2- small MP-40 utility pouchs to be worn on opposite sides of the buckle

1 large canvus pouch to be worn at the chest on either the backpack straps or suspenders


Gloves: short leather gloves with a leather square on the back

( or for convience short leather gloves with 3 sticking stripes down the back)


Boots: Caff high leather boots with 3 straps ( though in the comic art I'm seeing one strap at the top of the boot)


Backpack: backpack is constructed of 4 simular Geometric shapes with a tube on the top attached with 1 inch straps and possibly bottom.

straps for the back pack shall be made with 1" to 1.5" inch webbing with padding for the areas over the shoulder

(optional) Pouchs, shovel, Extra tubes(detonators), or accessories


Blaster : E-11




I just updated my shopping list to hit home depo for 3-4inch tube with end caps. let me know if I missed anything guys. I know I didn't add the patchs for the jumpsuit because I am still going over that with a fine tooth comb (I may have to make a custome set of overalls)

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