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So I finally got my kit today.





My boots came at the same time, lucky me.





I laid out most of the larger parts. Don't have enough room on floor for everything.


I will update this as I actually start to build it.

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Here's the trimmed but not yet glued biceps




I'm following Pandatroopers guide for modifying the pieces to use butt seams instead of the overlap seams


However, I ran into a snag. His pictures don't show the bicep from this angle and if you look at mine the return edges don't line up. I'll have to use the heat gun to bend the edges to line them up. Look below



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So I finally got to work on the arms. Here's the results before gluing them.









Do you guys think the gap is too big? That's as small as I can make it and still barely fit my hand through. I'm hesitant about using velcro on one of the sides because it doesn't hold well when moving around a lot, even the industrial kind. What do you think I should do?

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I would ensure your hands can get into (and out of) the forearms. Once you are happy with that part and if there is a gap, you could always use pieces of foam to line the forearm parts. I do this and it keeps them right where I want them. :)

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Finished the arms except cover strips (going to leave all of those for last)




I started the thighs, I trimmed them and fitted them.






That's it for now. I'll continue working on it again next week, maybe this weekend but I doubt it.

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That's what I'm going to do, right now they cover about half of my knee, I figure I'll remove an inch to an inch and a half. Also, I'm going to remove most of the return edge on the bottom, it digs into my knee.

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Ok, so I trimmed the back of the thighs. Before I trim the tops off to make them shorter, I need some help. How much should I trim off the top? Like, how far above my knee should the thigh be? Because right now it covers almost half of my knee.



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