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My NEW Shadowtrooper Helmet!!!!!!

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I received my new Shadowtrooper bucket from Arakyel in Poland today and, at first glance, it is frigging awesome! I took just this one pis, but I will take a bunch of pics later and add them!

:dancing-trooper: :dancing-trooper: :dancing-trooper: :dancing-trooper: :dancing-trooper: :dancing-trooper:



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nice looking bucket. How long did it take to arrive?

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I am good on my armor..for now. The shipping took about 5-7 business days to reach me from Poland to Northern Virginia, USA. The actual total time from my order to arrival was a little over a Month (April 27th to June 8th). The work is outstanding! My only complaint is that I can tell that Arakyel is a smoker... :shok: but It is not as bad as it could be... :laugh1: I can not wait to finish my Armor so I can put this all together. BTW, I am leaving the protective plastic film on for the moment...just to be safe... :thumbsup:

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BTW if you do decide to replace the ears, they are difficult to get off. Mine had glue on the threads of the screws which makes them almost impossible to get off. Before I cut the screws I'm going to wait for the new pair to arrive so I'm not stuck without a bucket.

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At least not as bad as with soft parts. The solution for this: cut up an apple, put some paper towel in your bucket and rest the apple on it. It will get rid of the smoke smell.


Oranges, apples...at least we agree on fruit as a solution. :thumbsup::dancing-trooper:

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So here are some of those pics I promised...

First, the helm itself...



And on...




And interior (Beautiful by the way)




And notice I already installed my Fans



So, what do you think?

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