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izzi's AM Armor Build

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Alright! Here I go. Most people have wanted a "how-to build thread, so I'm going to list what I use. This isn't the only way to put together an AM kit, it's just how I put together an AM kit.


I'm going to list items and tools I use in this first post, and will update it as the thread grows.




Aluminum or Steel Sheet metal.



Dremel Rotary Tool - Any one will work from the Model 200 up. I prefer two 4000s so I can dual-wield! :lol:



Drill! Dremel drill bits work okay, but a power drill seems to work better, though isn't really needed.



E-6000 - You can find it in the craft section at Walmart.



Gorilla Tape, Painters Tape, Electrical Tape



Hot Glue Gun



Pop Rivet Tool



Rusty Hammer... that's right... rusty.



Sanding sponges or paper. I like to have 80 and 220 grit on hand.



Snap tools: Setters, Punches, and Anvil.



Tin Snips. Size doesn't matter, but






And most importantly... an AM KIT! (Just one)


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Some quick pics, to feed the need:


Yes, I have 2 Kits ATM. We're going to be parting one of the kits out between some Det members.



AM Shin (Left), FX Thigh (right) for plastic comparison. The flat parts of this ABS does have a oil like color sheen to it in direct sunlight. It's actually kind of cool.



That's it for now. Back to work!



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Okay, I didn't have much time today, so I decided to build up the Thermal Detonator/O2 Tank. I build the DT/O2T to come apart in the future, just in case I want to make changes or tear it apart later to use for scrap.


First I take gorilla tape and tape the inside of the two canister halves together.



Then to hide where the two halves meet at the top I use some electrical tape.



Now I cut some strips of aluminum



Using a snap tool, I make a small indent in the aluminum at one end, measure to figure out where the second tap should go then drill the holes. Repeat for the second strip.



Use the rivet tool to attach the strips to the back. Remember to use the washers so the rivets don't pull through the plastic.



Put the two halves together on the other side using the same gorilla.electrical tape combo. I take an end cap then put a bit of hot glue inside. This isn't to make an adhesive really as much as it is to tighen up the fit so it won't move.



Now you can glue the panel on, however, I like being able to take it apart so I just use some velcro. I may just use a couple spots of E-6000.



Slap the panel on and you get one complete TD/O2T! Yay!




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So I am reading this and looking at the date, Aug 25th, and wondering: How the heck could I have missed this thread? Then I realized someone was just being stealthy and editing his old posts. I like this Izzi. For those of us on our first suits, this will help a lot.

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izzi how much armor do you have? i swear you work on like 8 things at a time lol

Umm... I have quite a bit on hold at the moment. More will come along when I find a jumpsuit that is my size. Maybe I'll post pics of the Mercs armor I'm working on for a fan film that a garrison mate is making.


So I am reading this and looking at the date, Aug 25th, and wondering: How the heck could I have missed this thread? Then I realized someone was just being stealthy and editing his old posts. I like this Izzi. For those of us on our first suits, this will help a lot.

Cool. I'm trying to get caught up before the snow hits. I'd like to get most of the armor that may require painting done. Like parts of the magma and the new Nova parts.



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Alright, now for the forearms. When I first picked up the forearms, they looked pretty familiar... Then I realized they were the old FX molds with some extensions built on, or a recast of the old FX molds. In fact, my old forearms will fit right inside of the new ones. But, I really liked my old forearms, so I commenced with the building.


First things first, I needed to get rid of that silly return. These are forearms and my wrists would not fit in them. So I took out the Dremel with the sanding drum and started grinding it off.






Now that I can actually put my wrists inside these it was time to trim them down. Fortunately I already had a template with my old FX. If you don't know about how FX fits you, then just measure and trim a bit at a time until you get a decent fit. Always better to build them too big and trim it down later, than cut them too short.




Cut some velcro and put it in place.




Stick the two halves together and it's done!




If you have FX arms already and are just upgrading your armor, honestly, I'd just keep those and pack up the new ones with the old armor. Not enough of a difference when it's completed to really justify the effort.



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So you don't use glue on the forearms? Is the gap created by the Velcro inevitible or is there a trick for hiding it?


Nope, I don't use glue. Both the Velcro and armor are black, the spectators don't notice. If it bugs you, you can use glue. Nothing wrong with doing that, I just prefer not to.



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