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Phase II Darktrooper Build


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Hey everyone. So I think I'm gonna attempt to make a Phase II Darktrooper based off of the SWG version. Here's a couple screenshots I am using right now to construct the bottom armor.






So here's what I've done so far. Got the bottom armor pretty much done except for a couple things.








I think I'm going to redo the belt, not really liking the way it's looking. I've also started constructing the back armor. I'll get some pics when I'm done with that.



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So I have the back armor almost put together, just a couple more pieces to cut out, re-adjusting of some spots and some cleaning up to do. The big space is where I'll put the jetpack of course, when I finish that.






Also received some leg armor in the mail today. Going to try and heavily modify it to make it into Darktrooper legs.





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Actually I do have some updates on this, just haven't had time until tonight to take some pictures.


I have the back mostly finished and have started making/attaching side panels to connect to the chest armor.






And now for what I have done on the chest armor. I'll finish it up once I have it connected to the back armor and then start making the shoulder pieces to connect on top.






When everything is put together I will be putting plenty of Bondo on to smooth everything out. I have also started on making the jetpack. Nothing too impressive to show yet, it's just a box right now. Anyway there ya go, enjoy. :D



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Quick update for today. Got the front and back armor connected together and I've been working a little bit on the jetpack as well. Here's some pics of the jetpack.







The black is only temporary. I did that so you can see the nozzles of the pack since they were transparent.


Enjoy :D

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The nozzles do taper, just kind of hard to see with the screenshots, here's one I used. I'm also going to try and squeeze them and make them a little narrower and add some plastic to make the nozzles thicker and make the holes not as huge.


Here's the taper. You can kinda, sorta see it a little bit.




Now highlighted.




Either way I might try and remake the pack at the end, or at least redo the nozzles and the part they sit on. I'll see how it goes.

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I'd recommend getting the pvc pipes like Izzi suggested and cut them at a 45 degree angle. Then you could angle them so that the top is closer to your back and the bottom is a few inches further away giving them / this type of look.


Looks great so far though! Keep at it.

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Woot, so now that I'm done overhauling my Novatrooper, I think it is about to time to get back on track with this project.


Got some biceps, forearms and shoulder bells in the mail today :)




Now to trim them and start modifying. I'm thinking about bulking up the biceps while the shoulder bells need to be cut some ways and expanded to make them look bulkier. But I'm a little undecided about the forearms.


Do you guys think I should cut out the ridge and add a piece a little lower in the armor to get the look in this pic? Or should I just smooth out the ridge with some Bondo?




Been playing around with the leg armor too, but nothing has really been achieved there. :wallbash:


I also started sculpting out a helmet while I was messing with my Nova, it's really, really, REALLY rough right now (just the basic shape, no details on it not to mention my dirty hands have contaminated the clay :yucky: ), so that's why I have no pics of it today.


After looking at my jetpack I tore off those hideous nozzles, they didn't look right to me at all. I went and got a PVC pipe and will try working that out to get some nozzles.


Finally, I started bondoing my chest/back armor to make it nice and clean and smooth.


So yeah...




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Can't really say until the finished project, but the bells probably need to be larger than a normal TK's. Also the biceps and forearms may need to be custom to give the right bulky look. Maybe you have some plans for that though. Hard to say this early on.



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