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Death scout?

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I wa wondering if anybody has seen a "deathscout" or only deathtroopers? I haven't read the novel so I don't know if they ate mentioned in it or not.

The reason I'm asking is becuz I'm having a hard time finding damaged tk pieces to make the deathtrooper I was originally going to do. But I know many tb's that I can get pieces from.

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Thanks. Think I'm going to try a shadow death scout, since I can use the soft parts from my shadow scout. What do you guys think? I'm probably gonna need some suggestions on how to pull it off.

Main thing would be blood stains. Since it'll be black armor, how would I go about it. And what would you recommend the weathering of the black color armor. According to the CRL for the death trooper, the white armor is supposed to have a "olive green" tint to show age. Any tips or ideas are most welcome!

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That's one of things I was thinking about. How much if any. I guess it should depend on the amount of damage and where the damage will be on the armor. As in near what veins and such.

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well, technically aren't these dudes supposed to be Zombies, and therefore not much blood at all!


I'd personally keep the blood to a minimum, but certainly have some rotten flesh or some such hanging out.


What I'd have the most of is dirty weathering, mud and filth. Armour damage and the such like. General neglect.... that sort of stuff.

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Good point Chef. A little blood but mostly mud. Mud is easy to come by :-), and will be good to add that "weathered" look.

I don't think I'm going to use a bucket either, atleast not yet, just a zoombie type mask with a torn and somewhat bloodied baklava.

Anymore idea's? These are great tips guys!

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Ok thanks to Chef I'll be getting the armor by next week. Thanks dude!

Now, I know that I'm going to paint the armor first then start to "damage" it. I was thinking maybe I should use a flat black paint as opposed to the shiny gloss to give it more of a weathered and beat up apparence. Thoughts?

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Yeah, I like that. You might also try mixing up some dark browns and greens in order to lightly tinge some areas to make it look worn. Some people made really good mixtures on FISD, but then again, I'm not sure how exactly their mixtures would react with black.


- Master Tej -

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