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Working on my Magma (pix included)

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I have been working on my magma trooper and actually tried on some pieces today!

I have a long way to go but I think it's coming along.

If anyone sees anything that is just horribly off, please let me know.

There is pleant of adjusting and tweaking still going on - so keep that in mind.


Interested to hear opinions and to finish up!












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Looking good so far. I would trim your velcro down so the the black edges don't stick out as much. Hide that as much as possible. Also, paint the screws on your bucket red. Your bucket looks killer btw, great work on that!

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I just haven't gotten to painting the screw heads yet...

As for the velcro - part of the problem is that they don't "seal" very tight... meaning they seem to overlap okay but the tension on the pieces pulls apart enough to show the velcro.

The tape on my right forearm was my attempt to fix this - I taped it down really tight and then used a heat gun very lightly to "retrain" the abs.

I don't know if that will work or not - I also have tried it without the heat gun to see if it will bend the abs but I haven't taken the tape off yet.

Any other suggestions? I also just need to make sure the velcro doesn't poke out! lol


Should I leave the brass screws on the ears alone or should they be red also.


Thanks again!

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Definitely paint the helmet screws red as Josh out above. You may need to rework the shoulder straps a bit if the Velcro becomes difficult. I originally had a similar setup but redid them by using elastic underneath the front/back joins, then glued the front part of the strap and used elastic ties to "float" the back straps. This is similar to how the original troopers were done in ANH.



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Updated first post with new pictures -

My thighs arn't attached so they are a bit droopy.

The velcro situation is a bit better but still needs some adjusting.

The chest/back combo is too short for my ample frame so I added a peice on the kidney plate so the back and kidney would overlap - needs to be fine tuned as it sticks out a bit.


Yes - I am using industrial velro - too bad there's no red!

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Permanently attaching the shoulder straps to the front armor would alleviate the issue with the velcro showing. That is how mine is. ABS glued in the front, float/snap in the back. You have to be careful with ABS glue though, tricky stuff and it fuses whatever plastic you put together there. The straps could probably come done a little bit more on the front chest armor if needed. This ANH Stunt, but you can see where the shoulder straps sit on the chest armor:




Do you have straps on the sides connecting the chest to the back armor?

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Do you have straps on the sides connecting the chest to the back armor?


it really isn't necessary and would probably look better absent as it currently stretches over the kidney plate.


I agree about affixing the shoulder straps in the front. It tends to look better and is less likely to pop off without you realizing it when your helmet is on.


Once you have everything fit the way you want, I'd glue the forearms on both sides, glue the front of the calves, glue the thighs shut, and seal the biceps with glue.


It's coming along though. Keep rocking.

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My chest/back parts are done that way. This mirrors my TK setup and is the preferred method at FISD. But, I used Gorrilla Glue to secure the straps on the front. I have elastic on the underside which allow it to open and close as I put it on. Plus, I don't need any straps to hold the "clam shell" front/back together.







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the reason I suggest E6000 to connect the shoulder straps to the chest plate is because if the straps crack or break at any point, they can be replaced. Over time, the shoulder straps can be one of the first things to crack.

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Okay here are my updated pictures - still a few things to do - need to glue the fronts of the legs to get rid of the black velcro showing.

I think the O2 cansiter clips are hanging down past the belt - should this be fixed?

Some major trimming on the back of my thighs (knees) is going to be required because I can't walk!

Waiting on my red leather paint to transform an old pair of my white boots to magma boots.


Let me know what y'all think!





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Looking good, but I agree with the previous comments about gluing, all seams possible and the shoulder straps in front.

E6000 has worked great on my thigh and shin pieces and I'm about to redo my forearms and biceps.


You can get Red velcro from a few sources. I think I ordered mine via amazon.com. The quality is reasonable, though it's not industrial strength.


I am looking forward to getting my new red armor kit this month.


Welcome to the Red armor army!

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