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Working on my Magma (pix included)

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I use boot paint and have to repaint mine about once per year. I think I got the paint spec in the CRLs before we finished them or at least added it in a comment on the CRL thread. I'll have to get the boot paint info from home for anyone that needs it.

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For any of the TK and TK-like armor, I suggest gluing the shoulder straps to the front and letting the back float. The way I suggest to do this is to use black velcro going from the under side of the chest piece to the underside of the tabs on the back piece. That also makes it adjustable and essentially invisible because the black velcro is against your undersuit.

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I like that the shoulders, helmet, and holster are ROTJ style. I think that looks great for the magma. I still think that the shoulder straps should be fully affixed to the chest plate, but it's ok as is. The boots are the only true problem. Those are mariachi/Elvis-style as opposed to Tk boots.

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Yeah, I was having trouble finding decent TK boots to paint - especially since TKBoots doesn't have them!

I was hoping they would be covered enough by the shins that they would be okay....

Any suggestions for an inexpensive pair of chelsea type boots?




Also, I am planning on gluing the should straps but wanted to make sure I had the position and sizes dialed in first.

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If you do a search on "jodphur boots" or "chelsea boots" you'll find quite a few options. I found mine on eBay for around $50, and in my size (10.5). They are screen accurate, black jodphur boots similar to what was painted white and used in ANH. Also, not sure what size you wear but "ladies" boots work too.







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Looks great! Give TK another try looking for seconds ;)

i snagged a pair of the last run to repaint as i didnt mind the tiny imperfections. i figure they will get scuffed up and marked anyway ;)

now i can trim the calves to fit the boot, and my leg, at the same time ;)



hmm.. i appear to have something in my right eye.... winking frenzy ;) ;) ;) ;)

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that's great news. You're going to look great with the right boots. I'm truly digging the ROTJ-style with this color.

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My TK Boots!



Also, I was told that the shim I put on the back to cover the gap between the kidney plate and back plate may not be approvable.

Is this right?

I thought I needed to cover that gap in the back - but the CRL seems to say that a small gap is not only allowed but may be necessary for level 3.

Please help!



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Where did you get your magma trooper kit, I have a friend in the legion , who is  not on this site, because he has other costumes and not a Spec Ops costume, but he just asked me if you can help me out , he is Bob Kuzma, if you can answer me or look for him on facebook   and message him thx

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