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Shocktrooper Build

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The advanced cloaking armor project to be used for the new generation of Shadow Stormtroopers is coming to its end. Thus Imperial High Command has issued me with orders for a new armor design. I have been informed that the Shocktroopers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the standard issue armor (commonly used by the TKs and TDs). The armor is currently not holding up to the intensive combat that they encounter. I have been tasked with creating a new, heavier duty set of armor to better protect the Shocktroopers.


So yeah here's my next armor build! I've always loved the look of this trooper and noticed that I would have no Spec Ops projects after I finished the TFU Shadow, so I decided to go with this one!




Started with the chest piece, using a modified pepakura method. I used the cardstock to make templates to then cut out on some plastic signs to build the chest piece. Now to slap some primer and paint on this sucker!!!!! :shok:




The electrical tape kind of messes with the lines on this but this is actually going to be kind of a mold (hence why it's taped on the outside). I plan to slush cast some resin on the inside of it to make a true chest piece (that isn't held together with electrical tape!). Then I'll sand down and finish up the slush cast piece.


I also plan to use some modded TK shins, thighs, cod piece, butt and kidney plates as well. Everything else will get made in a similar fashion to the chest.


Oh and there's going to be a twist at the end too!




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Woot!!!! My crazy idea worked! :) "Demolded" it last night, unfortunately the plastic signs didn't survive :(. Oh well, it made a nice $5 mold. On to pictures!


Fresh out!




A little sanding (left the other pec alone, to show the difference).




Pretty much where it's at right now (plus some sanding). Oh camera flash, always showing me that I'm not done...





Need to give it some heat to reshape it too. It kinda flattened while I applied the resin. Really digging this way of using pepakura, much better than sanding fiberglass/bondo/cardstock. Much stronger and lighter too!!


Another one?! LEAD ON!




I don't think I'm stopping until that entire unapproved section is gone........


Master - Yes I'm doing the kama-coattails! Got no choice (plus they're one of the things that make this guy!!).


Dizzy - Yes! I converted it!! :thumbsup:


I have a feeling this is going to be a very fun and satisfying build.









And, DE, this is armor project number 5, total project number 255. Ended up packing up the Sith Acolyte for awhile, Darth Malgus is kinda packed up (not on the shelf yet though), TFU Shadow is almost there and the Swamp Helmet might need a reboot. Not going to work on the Chevelle for a few months and the MGs will get built.....someday......when I have $600 to get a dummy receiver. I think that's it....

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Been awhile but picked this project back up the last couple days.


Been experimenting with some sintra and was able to get the shoulders, biceps, one forearms and the back plate made up. Still have the other forearm, handplates, boot armor, belt, thigh belt and shin mods made up (but all the pieces are ready to cut, just need to cut them and glue them :)) Going pretty quick, I'll try to get some pics taken tomorrow of my progress.


I also plan on using regular TK style shins and thighs and doing a couple small modifications to them to suit the Shocktrooper. But this should be a fairly quick build apart from the helmet.




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Well major update time (lots of pics :))


Semi-together Backplate...




Right Shoulder (still needs a little more curve)




Left Shoulder pieces (needs bondo on the smaller piece)




Bicep (just need to glue the strips on, hence why it's all misaligned)




Right Forearm, still missing the hump on the edge (left one is cut out too, just need to put it together)




Finally what I've been working on lately, the Shins. I'm using some old FX shins (they are perfect for the Shocktrooper) as the base and of course making the ridges myself.




This is coming along quite smoothly, no major snags yet. Just need to sit down and throw it all together. I still have to cut out the boot armor, some of the extra plating on some pieces, belt still needs to be made and then the helmet. I'll probably start on the helmet once everything is all cut out and assembled and that will end up being an EVA foam helmet that'll get plasticized and bondoed.




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Hey guys!!


I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I haven't been able to make much progress on anything, school has soaked up my free time lately :/ That and I have just been in a very uninspired state.... But that has passed, I put the armor down for a bit, thought through how I wanted to proceed with my projects (as well as trimming the list down a bit :)). Anyway thought I'd get started on this once again!


Made some minor progress but got the belt made up!


Belt boxes!




Boxes assembled/belt face details added!




The whole belt face




I may round the corners a bit on all the edges, make it look similar to a regular belt (i.e. softer vac formed corners). All that's left is some clean up and spot putty to finish it off!


Next I'll probably move onto the cod/butt plates and then work upward on the torso. Might build a new chest plate too (that hunk of resin, while cool, is very tough to work with). Then move down the arms and get those finished and finish with the legs. Then there's the helmet too! But this will get rolling again. My goal is to get at least one piece of armor done per week and try to get this finished up before choosing another project :devil:




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Well made some more progress today. :)


Finished getting the belt face together, still need to clean it up a bit, but it's almost there. Also got the little ab plate made up (easiest piece I've ever made as you can see). And added the little extra panels on the cod piece.




Also got started on a new chest plate! After looking at the screenshots, the pec region of my first attempt was a little too sharp on the edges. So working on a new one with a little more smoothness around the pecs.




Finally made the little extra armor plate that sits on top of the chest plate.




That's all for today, feels good to be making stuff again!! Hope to get the chest finished (at least glued together). I'll probably do all the edge finishing at the end after everything is built and together and just spend one day doing a massive amount of sanding and finishing.




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Well slowly been getting the chest plate right. It took a fair amount of work and time to get it where I liked it. Many different attempts but I'm finally pleased with how it has come out. It is much sleeker and taller than my first chest plate. I still have to make a little piece to go in the center, but that will be easy. :) After everything is all set, I'll reinforce all the edges (as they are glued with hot glue right now, won't last) and clean it up!




I've started on the backplate as well, this probably won't need as much surgery, should be fairly quick to knock that out. Then onto the arms!




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