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Fade to black.....

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Ok, I may as well get this show on the road. My AM armour arrived yesterday. Unfortunately it arrived a little sooner that I had expected. So whilst I have mainly concentrated on getting my hardware together I have been rather slack in gathering the tools I need to put this sucker together. So I most likely won't start until the end of April. I'm a miner so I work away from home and then I have a little jaunt to Melbourne to watch my mighty tigers maul the magpies. :thumbsup: Also excuse my working title, I'm a tragic Metallica fan. One question, who makes the inner drop box's in black?



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I think Kev over on FISD makes drop boxes in black. I ordered a white pair from him in the past and painted them only for him to reveal that he does them in black.

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Excuse my ignorance ......everyone talks about forsale signs do you mean the ones for houses in australia they are made of metal I've asked around but cant find any ABS signs :sweat:

Scott I'm still waiting on a few things but when they all arrive I,ll send you a package if you like mate


side rivets

glossy black material to cover your belt .... I'll provide a tutorial with that,,,,,and will try to think of anything else that might help you out

No cost just postage mate :thumbsup:

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Steve, thanks mate. That would be very appreciated. I'm still waiting for my building supplies (my poor planning). I'm off to Melbourne next week and can't wait to check out some modelling stores for supplies. How are you going with using Tarzan's Grip? How similar is it to E6000? I noticed on the directions that it only requires 12hrs to fully set, so if it works that would be a bonus over the E6000.

I'm a little confused about the use of for sale signs as well. I haven't seen any made out of plastic. I've checked a few out in my area (just for research purposes), Thanks again Steve, your a great mentor.

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Hi Scott if you dicide to go with snap plates this is an excellent tutorial and will avoid you warping your armor where the stud presses up against it


still trying to chase up a blaster for you have you had any luck yet yourself?

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Thanks Steve. Yes, I'm still in the hunt for a blaster and my spare plastic should be here within the week, so fingers crossed I can begin my build. I missed that tutorial so it will be most helpful. I'm still debating whether to go snap plates or glue the webbing straight to the armour for a better fit. How are the snap plates going with your build? I'll take my biceps to work with me this week and see if I can at least get a start. Hey, a BIG thanks for your call last week, it's highly motivating to have someone like yourself to talk to. I have a troop tomorrow, so I plan to check the strapping set up's on a couple of TK's. What's the progress of your own build?

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Thanks Steve, you must of read my mind. I'm trying to get the last couple of items - boots, undersuit and belt. Then I should be ready to rock & roll. :) I was looking at Bass Amsterdams on Amazon. They are selling them for $46.53 with free shipping. Well, I hope that applies to us Aussies? :)

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How did i miss this thread.. Nice piece of armour you have there Scott, Good luck with your build and if you get into a pickle just post up here in your build thread and we will help you out.

Remember to post some pics of your build cause we love pics :yes:

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