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Got My Armor!

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Got my Black Hole Trooper Armor In Today From Tupperware TK, ITS AWESOME.

Also Came In Was: My Neck Seal, My Gloves, My Boots, My Holster, My Blaster, My Pauldron and my Body Suit. I need to know if someone can point me in the right direction as to buying a RIFLE, I want to buy this one 02-2.jpg I have seen the black hole troopers carry it, and I want to make it part of my collection so if anyone knows anywhere i can buy it. I also need help with joining a 501st here in Florida, I was told there is only 5 other Black Hole Troopers in my area and they are in need, so I would like to become a member.


Thank you

Commander Neyo



**Edit, I found the DTL-19 And already ordered it for my kit, thanks to all who helped.

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Congrats on getting the kit! For the DLT-19 or Mg34 you can get one here http://home.wowway.com/~cushmanpaintball/Replicas_Star_Wars.html


Thanks for the site!!!!


I think the DLT-19 is way more like the shadow/blackhole troopers BFG, I want to go for accuracy so what do you think I should get:


The Replica Dlt-19 (deluxe)



and then the Non-working bipod Dlt-19




or the


Replica Mg34 v1 (deluxe) SW



and then the Non-working bipod Mg34 v1




I want to make sure I get the right weapon at that price I cant afford to make any mistakes.

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Cool. I carry the Cushman DLT-19. It's a nice and light prop.


BTW, even if you have a CC permit, according to Legion rules you are not allowed to carry any prop blaster that is actually capable of firing any sort of projectile.



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Cool. I carry the Cushman DLT-19. It's a nice and light prop.






How are these guns in person? Ive read that some people say they are a little "soft" in the details. Im having a hard time telling from the pictures on the site, but from those of you who own one or seen one up close. Is it worth the money?

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You should go join the Florida Garrison's message board as well and post your build pics. Plenty of people there that can help you out as well. Not sure if you would fall under Squad 7 or Makaze though.

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Thanks Iz,


Im trying to figure out if I should go with an e-11 or DTL-19 for my first weapon. This would cost less than a hyperfirm e-11 out of the gate. But I want my weapons to be interchangeable between my TK and TX.


Both, the E-11 blaster is a great sidearm. The DTL-19 is a BFG that looks awesome when carried.


I am going to be uploading pics of some of the KIT tonight as soon as I find my camera. I will be most likely be doing. Helmet, Pauldron, Gloves, Neck Seal, Blaster. The armor is still to be assembled, but if you guys wanna see the shininess of the armor let me know and I will upload them also.


What I may have forgot to tell you is I am 6'5" tall.


Check Me Out next to a reg sized snow trooper below


this is me next to Commander Neyo Himself


this is my fav from CV


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Can someone point me to a VOICE AMP, one that amplifies the voice and give the static without having to blow into the mic to make the sound yourself?

Buy a Captain Rex helmet on sale from walmart and pull out the amp. other than that you're looking at a $200 investment for just the static burst card... and I'd have to dig up the old link.



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OK Captain, Rex toy helmet acquired, now will someone help / show me how take this thing apart to get to the voice changer?


*EDIT! So I managed to take it apart, got the wires, mic, speaker and voice board out. Had to cut the wires to get it out, but those can be re-joined with no problem, the only issue I am seeing is mounting it in the helmet properly, so if anyone has done this before and can recommend placement and what type of epoxy/glue to use to make it permanent please contact me, help me Legion Board, your my only hope!


Also if someone can recommend a place to get foam inserts for the helmet to make it a more snug fit, that would be very helpful as well.


Thank you all again, from the bottom of my midichlorians.


Clone Commander Neyo

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Welcome aboard ... Wow you're really moving along on this. Well done!


I recognize that Helmet. Hope you manage to take more pics of your build then I did ... That would be zero.


Have fun!


RE: Foam to make the helmet snug - I use weather stripping. About 1/2 thich and an inch wide with adhesive on the back. In Canada there is a whole "weather stripping" isle at home Depot.

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I use hard hat suspension for my helmet, but you can buy a $9.00 foam mattress from walmart and slice it up.


That was quick on the Rex helmet. I haven't even pulled the amp out of the one I have laying around yet. :D



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