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NCPeacock Swamp Trooper

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Ok folks. I have the armor from my former garrison mate and have a series of pics I am posting. Some comments on what I see and need to do. I will most likely go for level II unless getting into see it may not be possible with what I have but I don't think that will be the case. Jumpsuit is not shown as I am going to just get a new one. The one with the kit is too small on my shoulders I am a size 48-50 and not gonna happen. It has all straps proper, butt patch and riding patches. Was one of former owners lancer flight suits I believe. So if anybody would like it I will work out a deal. It is used and needs a bit of patching but other than that fine, just too small for my shoulders. Ok sohere are pics. Thanks all



belt front



belt back/thermal det.


It for sure needs greeblies for the det. and I need new webbing. Anything else?


Pouches. They are hunter green, just doesn't show well in this pic.



Shoulders Will need proper width elastic straps



Belt Boxes (will need new green strapping)



fore arms (straps proper size good to go)



Biceps (good I think, need toc heck on strap width)



Knees (proper lower straps. CRL says a top strap riveted. Can somebody elaborate)



Boots (done per BSN tutorial, all proper sizes. Holster needs rivets black not green. May revinyl at some point) And they fit perfect!






Chest (need black cotton webbing straps)



Back tank (elastic straps good size)



Tank topper



helmet right



helmet left






helmet back






cumberbun(forest/hunter green, lighting makes it tough to see)



Thanks all look forward to getting this swampie approved be it level 1 or 2


Gene Peacock

Garrison Carida


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Knee top strap...







I'd definitely go with the new greeblies on the Thermal Det.


Beyond making sure all the strap sizes are good, I'd probably just add in some weathering to the suit. (clean swampy... sounds a bit like an oxymoron to me!)

The flaps on your pouches have a funny curve in them, whether this becomes an issue is difficult to say.


I'll have to check the references, but I think the grey on the bund and knees could probably do with being a little darker, unless that's just camera flare?

Also, the V on the crotch, ideally should be a 'curve'.


That's one of the later 'standard' scout updates, so this bund may have been made prior to this. The V is still acceptable, so this is just in case you want to.


loose the mesh in the ears on the bucket.


Are there any detail stitch lines on the dog bones on your boots?





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Ahhh that is what I was thinking for the top knee strap but wanted to be sure. Easy enough.

Pouches, if an issue should be easy to fix I imagine.

Cumber - yeah the cumberbun and knees are a darker grey I think the flash is washing it out. Saw afterwards a curve not a chevron. Can remove some stiching and redo I think.

Mesh bucket check should be easy to do.


Boots, no stiching on the dog bones just glued so will have tod o. BSN have a good pick of it I assume?


Thanks for the input. Will show some progress pics. I assume these changes are for level II correct? Seems pretty in order for basic submittal but don't think I want that gonna go for it all here!

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so the quest begins. I have ordered a set of black coveralls. (redknap) and will work on the modifications to get up to speed. But I have looked all over for webbing. Check ebay the past week and half, scoured the web and no luck on 1 1/2" forest green webbing. I can find it in 1" and 3/8" but not in 1.5" One place onlne that lists it (strapworks) is out of stock. So if you know of another source besides ebay(or a direct link to an ebay store with that) let me know because I am out of luck. Other thought was getting white and dying it. Anybody done this and did they have any luck?




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hmm, nope olive wont fork, forest green/hunter green pretty much same color and that was what crl requires.

Jim, they have it at that link but the smallest they have is 100 yds! may have to bite the bullet however, at least they have it.


May hit you up chef to see what you can get over there and send over but going to keep looking on ebay and see what pops up

thanks guys,,,maybe i will hold off on this until after i get done with the flight suit

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hmm, nope olive wont fork, forest green/hunter green pretty much same color and that was what crl requires.

Jim, they have it at that link but the smallest they have is 100 yds! may have to bite the bullet however, at least they have it.


May hit you up chef to see what you can get over there and send over but going to keep looking on ebay and see what pops up

thanks guys,,,maybe i will hold off on this until after i get done with the flight suit


Their site is a little hard to navigate. Over in the "cotton webbing" section (which is better anyway), you can find it by the yard. If you want Hunter Green, Jontay has it and you can get it by the yard.


For yours, I'm thinking 2 yards at the most. I only used 1 yard for mine though...



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Thanks tej, good news and an update. Fight suit is in. Wife (is taking pockets off and will measure me to get the legs sorted. They are way to baggy so she is going to take the legs in some. Using spare to add collar. I am glad she tolerates my star wars obsession. Webbing is also in but going to tackle the flight suit first then the belt. Once they are done get the new strapping don so hope to have pics up in Oct. sometime for an update. Will be out of town for workshops and conferences in Sept. so not able to work as much as I want. But the supplies needed are n and work shall commence folks. Thank youa gain for all of the help

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Just to let you know that I am following this thread NC. I'm overseas myself right now, but fortunately (for now) have net access so can order stuff off ebay, like webbing. I'm going down the "animated" Swamp Trooper path. I'll need to order webbing soon.

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No worries Craig. These guys have been a great help with sources and if I stumble on stuff I will post here. Out of town this coming week but hope to start working on the flightsuit once I get back.(But a troop at retrocon first this coming Sat.!

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ok so I have officially started, wife as stated before working on revamping the flightsuit. I have pulled the belt apart and started reworking it but have a couple of questions. I finally got my 1.5" hunter green webbing in for drop boxes and ordered enough to have loads of spare so if anybody needs in the future I am happy to share (barring i dont screw up and use it all!) Going to just order all new buckles (if I can find green fine but most likely wil have to paint. So my questions......

Buckles are they painted hunter green or do they remain black, hard to tell from crl and the pics?


In the crl, belt is 2" wide webbing. CRL says for level 2 it is black, pick has it as green. Clarification before I get more webbing? Thanks and here is a pick so far. Got proper greeblies on the way will be touching up paint next. more pics as I work on this.

(The 1.5" waist is just for reference)


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Hey Gene!


Kit looks great. Only 2 things I see specifically to do with level 2 are the chevron on the cummerbund which the CRL specifically states MUST be a curve for level II or higher and not the obvious chevron you have. This has come up in the past for approvals with scouts in the garrison too as their CRL is written the same way. The other is the blaster. That blaster looks like one of the larger sized versions of the scout blaster which are *not* approvable for level II or higher. I know someone in out garrison who was telling me the only manufacturer of a scout blaster that is approvable for level 2 and up. We actually had one in the auction at the Academy Bash this year. I have to admit it feels really strange in the hand because it is smaller. I'll see if I can track it down for you!



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wow butch you are everywhere! Yeah I knew about reworking the cumberbun. Wife is already on that and fixing my flight suit. Not sure if I will go for lvl 1 for approval and then over time upgrade stuff like blaster etc as blaster is not needed for approval. My goal is to get it all lvl 1 approvable with the parts as close to 2 as I can get at this time and then upgrade from there to lvl 2 due to money mostly and tracking down stuff. oh and if you track down the blaster souce shoot me a pm on our garrison forums.

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To be honest Gene, it's actually easier to go straight for Level 2 from the outset than it is to try and retro-fit those items at a later date.



Most of it is just about the fit and finish, with a few small detail parts that aren't really all that expensive.


It's bits like having to take the suit apart to put in the correct patches, or unstitch bunds etc that become a real pain. But done from the start, it's not a drama.


As for blasters... they're out there if you know where to look..... or who to ask. *nudge nudge*.

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Yeah I get around Gene. :) Have multiple folks doing TXs as cadets now in the academy so making sure I have the info I need to support them as best as possible. Saw your name on the Swamp trooper thread and figured I'd take a peek. :) As Chef said, sometimes it is much easier to shoot for the higher level from the get go instead of trying to retrofit. Something like the blaster is no big deal. That is one you can definitely add later, but things like stitching differences and the like can be tough to redo later without a lot of work. Yeah money is always a wonderfully limiting factor, but give it a good thought to try and get as far as you can on the stuff that would be tough to have to work on after the fact. :)


I was eyeing up level 3 for my staff officer, but to do so would have to replace all of the velcro holding my tunic together and replace it with snaps or zippers. That change would require me to pretty much take most of the tunic apart almost completely. Just the kind of stuff you want to look for before you call it done, because you know once you have this green monster approved you are not going to want to hang it up for modifications later. Hahahahahaha!



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