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I wanna take this time to say that I got a lot of great idea's from doing research in many different places so if some aspects of my build look familiar I took a little bit from all over. I saw what was being done with other builds then came up with what I wanted mine to look like. I really wanted to come up with what a real stormtroopers helmet might look like inside and the fact that I'm really picky and somewhat anal about my stuff I didn't want any wires or electronics showing. So this is what I came up with.IMG_1211_zpse6c99831.jpg














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Thanks guys, this is my first attempt at posting so I'm learning, thank you for your help Rob I was hoping someone would help me clean my messyness up!!! Thanks Al, oh and buy the way Al. thanks for all your help getting me this far bro!! I know I asked a lot of questions and some more than once lol, you guys really helped me to make good choices in my armor. I've got a lot more so stay tuned to the Ruck show!!! It's past my bed time so cheers for now!!

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The first thing I wanted was to put the mics in the ears instead of putting them behind the rubber brow strip. I thought that it might be easier to put them in the ears. The first step was to take off the ears to see what I was working with since I didn't build the bucket. My lid comes in two pieces and where the the two pieces meet there is room to fit wires through. I then took a wood burning tool with a fine tip and melted a thin slit between the bumps on the ears.

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:starwars::smiley-sw013: I don't know how to use photo bucket to put the photos on here so while I'm trying to figure it out there will be a short intermission. Please enjoy the music while your party is being reached. :laugh1:
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it's easy bud...


When you look at the picture in Photobucket, go to the right of the screen and you'll see a box with a load of link in. Email/IM, Direct, IMG etc...


Click on the IMG one and it should say 'copied'.


You then just paste that link into your text on here, and it will look like a load of gibberish but it will have .... [ /img] at either end.


Then when you publish your post, the pictures will magically appear.

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After I melted the slits in the ears I took my exacto knife and very very carefully cut, well more like scraped the excess plastic off. I wanted the slit to be hidden and be as straight as I could get it.





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The slits blended very well with the black, I haven't tackled the white so that will be my next build.

Once I was satisfied with the slits I moved on to the mics

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I had to desolder the mics from the board, sorry no pics. Once I desoldered the mics I painted the edges black cause the mics are silver and I didn't want to be able to see them through the slits.




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The next thing I did was to make boxes for the sound boards, I didn't want the boards to be unprotected. I looked for weeks trying to find the right size boxes. I finally found what I was looking for. I found these plastic boxes at a local fabric store, lets just say I now have an unlimited amount of push pins lol. I had to cut off the hanging tabs then dermeled them flat. I took some black spay paint made for plastic then painted the inside of the boxes, that way the outside will be high gloss and won't scrape off.

I took my wood burning tool and used a bigger tip to melt two holes in the boxes one for the volume control which was a round hole and one for the on/off switch which was a elongated hole.


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