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NC Helmet build

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my goal is to eventually do runs of these to provide for the detachments. the base has been comprised of my modified bits and pieces of spacecowboy's tk, fierfek's atst driver, and ep3 clone helmet pepakura files so i have a base to work with and then i merge them all and build the bondo on top so it becomes a custom sculpt. the peps just serve as a skeleton persay.


heres the reference im using



spacecowboy dome printed at default scale, same size as a real bucket!



the cheek inset, you can see how ive modified it from a clone to the more sharp NC style



i resin and fiberglass the dome for strength while i take the flair from the atst driver, turn it inside out, and glue it in a way that i get the angle i want in the back and the sides



this deforms the rear quarters, so i make a couple relief cuts and glue in filler strips so the flair stays circular all around

left half has the relief, you can see how the right half is still oval/conal before the shimming



just putting on my kickaround helmet for an general idea of the correct flair angles.

after i build the face ill have to make a slight expansion to the back, but not too much as its realistic and you wouldnt be able to move your head




going on now are the cheeks and whole reworked face to come soon

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im gonna wait til the face is completed to cut the flair at the right angle, the back is good, but the sides will be cut to go up higher, so keep that in mind.


here you can see the clone face cut, angled, widened and glassed. this portion serves as "where the visor goes" as well as cheek support



the white triangles will keep the inner helmet correct as well as block resin when i cast it



getting the right angle and curvature of the nose bridge out of the tk



the tk neck ring cut up and glued in to seal the neck for casting and provide the look from the reference



and tk tubes


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i added in these custom tube shim things



the lip at the correct angle, the frown will be cut out and teeth put in later, this is just for support for now



the nose bridge will be built up with bondo to get the right look, and the flair cut at the right height later, but heres some preliminary sketching to make sure im on the right track



the clone tube is modified too, its printed at full size then i squish it to an oval, widen the gap, and glass it to the cheek



the other side. the inner cone shape was flat, so you can see how its now a custom shape



the camera makes things look wider than they really are, its skinnier in person. but heres a comparison with my AP. and Nick, thats your faceplate in the back :)


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Agreed, mine took an age and was butchered from 2 different helmets, a lot of surgery and a ton of Bondo. Really liking the look of this..can't wait to see it finished

Love these speedy Pep builds :icon_bow:

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building has resumed! i cut the face off the dome to make things easy and gonna start bondo on the dome. it would be impossible to cast as one piece, so these are gonna be two piece with minimal assembly, though the first run ill probably have assembled and painted. let the bondo begin!

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im gonna have to have a little talk with the crl team about some things in the crl. since it was made using the 'realistic' suit as reference, either an animated (game) version should be separate or at least combined and added under the "optional" area with the current one like the belt and ammo pouches are, or even just make it the specialist requirements since the game is the primary reference. theres also no grey stripe on the chest, thats the shadow on the model implying they had edging like rotj suits, it just looks like a stripe. the squared detonators im in agreement with, even though it wasnt implied graphically by the modelers. i believe the NC wouldnt have full hovi tips, but a smaller version similar to how ep3 clones had different aerator design. id be happy with the front part only as they would be still TK-derived but not stick out like a TK. the game version rear helmet strip should be a flat bar as seen in screenshots, not a snowy/atst detail bit. ill leave the flair flat so people can choose either one.


cut the flair the the correct angle, all dimensions are now correct



i cut the face off for casting purposes and there wont be a bridge above the visor as when the resin area is cut, there shall be a small gap between the visor and forehead for ventilation/anti-fogging



i rough up the resin coating with this dremel bit so the bondo sticks



first coat of bondo, while it cures i work on the face


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yeah, its the same shape just the flair looks like its even all the way around not angled to fit a trooper face plate. who sells atst helmets? i havent been looking hard enough on the armored cav forum


id also like to get one of these done too one day



riot trooper from TFU2, id presume theyd be spec ops as well since its not quite a saber guard

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Looking really good mate, the CRL was agreed to be separate for in-game versions & Realistic. Your lid looks like it would do for either

The Grey stripe on the chestplate could also be interpreted as a raised lip (same as a Snowtrooper chestplate) but the refs are inconsistent

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