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Tx Shepperton Shadow Build NZ

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Hi Everyone ,

Thankyou for the welcome ,I am in the right place finally ,

Just found the specialist requirements and would love to head in this direction with my build ,

Please feel free to guide / critique . let me know if im doing it wrong ,

As ive learnt so far ,Don't Rush anything ,

I'll put a few pics up of where im at . I will have to go back a few steps to go forward I.e (peeling the velcro off the shoulderstraps ) damn velcro .

but hey thats half the battle .




something something darkside.


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Redoing the shoulder straps .


(The plastic shoulder straps need to be held down in the back via a black elastic band to the black fabric that connects/bridges the chest and back piece.)

Can anyone direct me to Fabric that connects chest to Back pl ?

Is it a strap on the underside of armour i custom build in ?

i cant seem to find any build Ref# on the forum re this .





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Fixed shoulder straps today , Luckily came across pandatroopers build thread which is so helpful .

Tried a fit out of the body ,found the chest rides high and needs major tweeking ,

Bucket seems to sit a a good hieght ?

I just have the standard foam insert but ive seen guys putting the inserts or hangers from hardhats in thier buckets for better air flow ,

p.s do you tuck your neck seal under your undersuit or does it sit ontop ?



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Looking good so far. As for foam vs hard hat liner, everybody has something different to say about that. In ANH/ESB the TKs used star-shaped foam inside the helmets. I use foam in most of my buckets too. I have used a hardhat liner a la ROTJ, and it does improve air flow. I personally find it hard to mount the liner in a way that is comfortable, but Mike at Trooperbay has a video on his site I believe for doing that correctly if you want to give it a go.

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Agree, looking good so far. I used a liner in my very first bucket, but didn't like it. I ripped it out for foam and use foam in all my other buckets now (blackhole, scout, gunner, etc.). As for the chest riding up, it's a common problem. I run two straps from my chest armor that snap to my ab armor to keep it down.

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Many thanks to the build threads ,

Domed shoulderstraps for spec req ,Just need black band's

Added a chest to ab plate elastic to keep chest down over ab.

Just discovered trooperbay .oh my dark lord is my wife going to be unhappy

(i seem to be unable to download pics at the mo ,trying from tumbler but cant seem to sort it doh )


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I recommend posting photos to Photobucket. Then you just have to copy the IMG code for each photo and paste it in your thread. Robert's your mother's brother.

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I got some work to do on the kidney , belly & groin joins , Trooperbay here i come ,

I'm not a fan of the velcro side join's.

dome's , side plate . have to get a canvas belt .

Any one recommend anything else that's a must ?


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My Suit came with elastic shoulder straps , Has anyone tried just normal strapping or will this restrict the flex and body movement to much ,i need to pull the groin and back higher on the body .

I can tho finally walk awkwardly up steps but if i drop my car key's im up the creek without a paddle .

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I use elastic on all of my suits except my sandtrooper as it isn't accurate.

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In my opinion your fit is great. Nice work. You abdomen buttons will need to be gloss black though for 501st approval. That's an easy fix though. Nice shine!

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In my opinion your fit is great. Nice work. You abdomen buttons will need to be gloss black though for 501st approval. That's an easy fix though. Nice shine!

Aha , thank you very much ,Looks like ill be resending my application pic's Doh!.

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Thanks for the feed back.,

Ive glossed up the buttons , not sure how i missed it clearly in the CRL ,

Also ive fixed the zip problem by putting my suit on the right way around ,I can be a Doris at times. Ive also going to try Skins top and bottoms as an undersuit ,

has anyone got any ideas on how to remove cellotape/stickytape residue off the ABS ,will isopropyl work ? im afraid of melting or effecting the gloss ?


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I can't say with 100% certainty, but if that were my armor I would hit it with a bit of Goo Gone. If it needed shining afterward, some Novus polish would do the trick.

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