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Getting started in the 501st

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I've finally made the decision to get into the 501st. I'm going to be building a storm commando since I thought they were really cool in the old RPG.


Reading the forums has pointed me in the direction of Studio Creations, Kropserkel, and Faraway Creations. I need to contact them to determine the pricing and availability of their kits.


This will be my first project of this sort, so I'll be progressing slowly. I'm in Canada, but close to the border to help with shipping issues.

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You're doing everything right. Be sure to do your research and keep asking any questions you have.

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Welcome to the Spec Ops! That is a great choice for a costume! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. There are also many build threads to help you out that others have posted along the way. :)

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Been keeping up with the research.


Got myself a pair of black coveralls from Marks, so that's a start. They should be good with the pockets removed from them. Trying to find a 'local' (Canadian) source for the boots and gloves as opposed to what SC lists to hopefully cut down on costs and effort.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Studio Creations does great work. Just got my Shadow Scout from him. Just finishing up the touches. I have a ATAT Driver order with Faraway... let me tell you they are slow. I ordered it in April 2014, was quoted 28 weeks... and I am still waiting. I was #20 in their hopper a week or so back... They are slow to respond to emails and it looks like they put on the back burner with they received a large order from a WI company. I have been trying to play the patient card, but its it bad business to not deliver on promised dates.


So sorry for the rant... Studio Creations all the way. Jeff was easy to deal with, and quick too!

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I've been a bit busy, so I have not had the time to do a lot of work. I've managed to get some research done. I've contacted some of the armourers to confirm they make the kits and lead times, and have some leads on gloves and boots. I seem to be having issues finding information for sourcing the cummerbund and pouches. I've seen Cathy via SC, but does anybody have any other sources? Thanks.

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  • 3 months later...

I've received my kit from SC. Everything looks like it was formed well. now I just need to find the time to assemble it. How are the instructions that SC provides? Do people follow them, or are there preferred ways of assembling the armour?


My boots should be shipping within the next week or two.

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They are good.

Now its making it fit you with proper strapping and sewing.

I suggest getting extra elastic from Amazon asap.

I messed a few up and it was nice to have the extra sitting there.

Heavy duty thread and needles too... you will go thru needles!


Enjoy it, it is fun to finish it off.


A good place to get decals incase you need them is Trooperbay.com


Good Luck!


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  • 3 months later...

What are people's opinions of the shadow scout decal kit from trooperbay? Are they matte finish that would contrast against the gloss armor, or are there different options? I have some decals with my SC kit, but they are for the TBs.

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What are people's opinions of the shadow scout decal kit from trooperbay? Are they matte finish that would contrast against the gloss armor, or are there different options? I have some decals with my SC kit, but they are for the TBs.


I used the Trooperbay matte decals on my scout. :thumbsup:

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  • 8 months later...

I've been making very slow progress. Life has been doing its best to get in the way. A few questions.




What is the distance I should be assuming for between the tops of the boots and the knee pads?



How are the pouches made? Are they a single layer of fabric, or two?






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Boots are fine...


They do sit very close to the knee armour. Most tend to sit a lot lower, but they are a more accurate height when they sit closer to the knees as yours do.



B is a better pattern. They can be single layer or double. Depends on your preference and material. They need to be reasonably rigid, but not as stiff as a board. So with thicker material you can do it in a single layer, but with thin stuff you may need to double up.

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  • 3 months later...

Does anyone have any experience building SC helmets? I have their instructions, but they said they were a work in progress. Their instructions only call for gluing the top of the faceplate to the top of the visor, but it looks like I will need to be gluing the sides as well. It also looks like the pre-drilled holes in the helmet are a bit forward and I will need to trim a bit off the right jawline.




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  • 4 weeks later...

Looks pretty good. Ultimately, you'll want to try and level off each side so they are about even. The SC helmet is a bit wonky so I realize it won't line up perfectly. You'll also want to trim a bit more off the visor in the face plate. Get a little closer to the nose and a little more on the top portion.

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