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Magmatrooper Boot Paint Advice

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Here is a quick tip for anyone having issues painting and maintaining those ruby red boots :)


"There are two types of paint that are very great for getting the colors you want for your boots. The first time is a flexible brush-on acrylic specifically made for leather-type fabrics called "Angelus." It can only be bought online but you can mix them to perfectly match the color you want. The other type of paint I prefer is a spray-on shoe painted called "Meltonian." Meltonian is sold at Dr. Shoe Repair at the University Mall and is also sold online. If you are going the Meltonian route, I recommend that you first strip the protective layer of the boot by rubbing it all over with an acetone cotton ball. To get a nice shiny finish, I recommend polishing it all off with Angelus High-Gloss, though you may not need it so just get it at your discretion.

And I would start with black if you are doing Angelus since it is more obvious what parts need more coats. Do white if you are going the Melatonian route."


I acquired this from a fellow costumer and I myself bought the black judhors and used the Angelus red and fire red to paint my magma trooper boots.

I have so far had to touch up paint at the end of each year as i troop alot in terms of maintenance.


Hopefully this is helpful and if anyone has other tips feel free to post replies :)


Also there is word that someone is making red boots now check out this thread:


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I use Meltonian boot paint. I believe the color is bright red. I'll get the numbers off the can and post the info soon. I really like the color match with my red armor.

But, I do have to repaint the boots about once/year. I'd like to try the acrylic paint from Angelus see if it lasts longer.

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I've had success using vinyl paints for car interiors on boots as well. You can usually find it on Amazon out a local car parts store. Again, you'll probably want to touch them up on occasion.

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