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Kedg195's Shadow build

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Greetings everyone, I wanted to showoff (or just show) my latest build pics for my Shadowtrooper I have been working on. I am roughly 80-85 % done with it! I can't wait to join the ranks as a Spec Ops trooper, as I already troop for the Empire in my TIE Pilot ;) Let me know what you guys think! Comments are always appreciated and trooper tips are even better, so fire away! ;)



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Ooooooo, nice and shiny. I like the first selfie pic. It almost looks like the vocoder stripes are blue, but i know its only a reflection of the phone, or possibly a shadow........ :shok:

Looks great Kevin. :yes:

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Hey guys, thanks for the kudos and I will try to post more pics soon ....Tej, I believe it's a ATA helmet as is the kit...it has a krylon ultimate automobile finish on the whole suit...it was nice and flat blackish when I got the kit...no polish or finish at all...now look at the turn out ;)

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Well, I'm having technical difficulties with posting more photos to my topic...any suggestions would be highly appreciated ;) but I'm in the process of snapping and strapping the clamshell assembly now (chest, abdominal, back, kidney, and butt plates)...will show progress as soon as I figure out the photo uploader on here

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I suggest getting a Photobucket account. Then after you upload a photo there, copy the IMG tag from a photo and paste it in your thread. Simple.

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This is the first test pic and fitting of my newly painted and nearly complete torso assembly... I know there are still a lot of adjustments to be done to it, just wanted to post where I'm at considering the work I've done ;)11159977_10204983636205083_8439344179938407317_n.jpg"]http://11159977_10204983636205083_8439344179938407317_n.jpg[/url]

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Also had a minor setback with the completion of the suit... the boots I purchased are not approvable. I couldn't see the stitching in the sale pic so I assumed they were legit...http://FB_IMG_1427228374886.jpg

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So, heres an update on my Shadowtrooper build...took some test pics last night for the first time with the shoulder bells and arm armor in place....yeah, I know that the canvas belt isn't complete yet, I just needed something to keep together what I have :laugh1: Anyways, on with the pics..... http://20150420_225343.jpghttp://20150420_225404.jpg20150420_225803.jpghttp://20150420_225343.jpg20150420_225246.jpg

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This is my cover strip I salvaged last night after being told that the older ones were too wide... I made them wide and the gap wider because of simple fact that I need to be able to put my legs in them...the proper sized thigh will not accommodate this, so I left some excess on both sides of the seam FB_IMG_1429839628714.jpg"]http://FB_IMG_1429839628714.jpg[/url]

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