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Aquatic Assault Trooper Helmet Build

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  • 8 months later...

Welp got some work done on this helmet....


Decided to 3D print it and had to slice up the model into 14 pieces. I still have to do something about the face of the helmet but for now here it is.


A little too big for my printer as is (the blue box is what my printer can do). Sliced into pieces that will fit.



The bottom third of the helmet all printed out. 6 pieces down, 8 to go!



Next up the mid section of the helmet then the dome! Then it'll get glued together, sanded/puttied and ready to be molded. Meanwhile I'll get the face straightened out. :thumbsup:





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More parts printed! :) Got two more pieces to print (one is on the machine right now) and the middle of the helmet is done. Then it's on to the dome!




Rear piece mid-print






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  • 7 months later...
  • 8 months later...



3D printer has been down the last week or so, just got it running again the other day. I had planned on finishing the printing for this thing real quick before printing out the big stuff for my Jumptrooper build. :D

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