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Navy Commando Officer [Upgrade]

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Hey there Troopers;


At a recent troop in my Navy Commando, I borrowed a pauldron and a backpack from a nearby Sandy to mock up an officer...



Obviously, the pack isn't correct but you get the idea. Definitely adds a bit of extra visual interest to the Panda Trooper


I've started to research the pack construction proper, so will post up my findings in due course ;-)

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Research part 2


The Pauldron should be dark red rather than orange, a black MP40 pouch will be required for the right hip and I'll need to build a rangefinder

The backpack is much smaller than a sandy, simplified in structure and worn much higher, with the bottom edge of the backpack more or less lined up with the bottom of the raised section of the backplate. Furthermore, there are no visible straps, the backpack is supported solely by the backplate, just like on a Republic Commando- See this image;


Surprisingly, the Hasbro action figure has actually recreated the structure and positioning of the pack very faithfully


So I have a solid base to start from and, as luck would have it, a spare backplate that I can build it on ;-)

and so it begins...

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Re: the CRL, we already have the officer variant listed at the bottom, so it should just be a matter of adding pics to the entries (there are just placeholder images at the moment) ;-)

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Been a while since I updated this, real life etc ha ha

I've started the frame and been looking at ways of attaching to the backplate so it has no visible means of support etc.

I also have the custom shaped and coloured pauldron being made by a fellow UKG member


I'll post up some pics soon ;-)

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Hoping to get this done for Celebration Europe: London

I have all the pieces for the backpack and have started the modding & assembly. Just awaiting the custom pauldron (been on order since October!!). Only other element is the rangefinder for the helmet.


Pics to follow in the next update

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  • 2 months later...

Well the upgrade didn't pan out for Celebration, but I have received the pauldron today. It was worth the wait!!

Officer in da house!!! :thumbsup:



Backpack is 70% complete, Rangefinder next and we're done.

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  • 1 year later...

Update time

The Backpack is almost complete, onto the fishing touches now (pics to follow)


Moved onto the Officer variant helmet mods; Range finder on it's way and found some clearer reference images for the mounting 'bump' on the side of the helmet. I had thought it followed the look of Clone Commander Bacara's , but it is quite different. It now looks to be an adjusted version of a TK ear piece (reshaped into a pointed oval) complete with the raised rectangular 'bump'. Easy enough to create from my spare parts box :thumbsup:


Also finished the vac-forming bucks and the test pull of the helmet came out great...Watch this space for a run :smiley-sw013:

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  • 1 year later...

Been a while since I last dusted off the backpack build, a buddy of mine is helping me complete it in January (he builds Sand-trooper packs usually), and have a prototype vac formed helmet to play with for the Range Finder to attach to. He is also going to build a NC grunt to accompany my new officer.

Swift, Silent, Relentless....just slower LOL

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Pics as promised

The Range Finder is added to a test pull of the Vac Formed v2 of the Navy Commando bucket, once I add the curved moulding to cover the RF mechanism, I'll make a second buck so both options are available to order.

49500841336_6227253f90_k.jpgNCO RF 110120 3 by Jim Craig, on Flickr

49501064132_95a3d3fd8e_k.jpgNCO RF 110120 2 by Jim Craig, on Flickr

The Backpack was built up to be 100% faithful to the reference images and using the figure to add details lost in the render quality of the game

49500342488_31687d0196.jpguntitled by Jim Craig, on Flickr

49501066212_35131c6415_h.jpg2 by Jim Craig, on Flickr

& now, the reveal...

49501062547_ce5b8e1358_k.jpgIMG_3298 by Jim Craig, on Flickr

49500339563_c69103acb2_k.jpgIMG_3297 by Jim Craig, on Flickr

49500842866_2c53570a49_k.jpgIMG_3296 by Jim Craig, on Flickr


When I wrote the original Navy Commando CRL, I added the Officer Variant at the bottom of the same page but I'm now thinking the differences are enough to update to a full separate CRL for the Officer.


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