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ANOVOS Imperial Shadow Stormtrooper...soon!

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ANOVOS is a licensee holder specializing in the high quality replication of 1:1 full-size replica uniform costumes and props for the retail and movie production market.

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Greetings, Troopers!



As we're only a few short days away from the big convention in San Diego, we wanted to let you know that our team is finishing off the first test sample of our STAR WARSâ„¢ Classic Trilogy Imperial Stormtrooper for display at our booth (3849 & 3949). We're very excited to finally show off this product in person!

Since we know everyone loves behind-the-scenes pics, here's a teaser of the Test 1 pull of the armor in its untrimmed form...










… and here is a teaser for an exciting variant that will also be available for pre-order this coming week:








Both the Classic Trilogy Stormtrooper and the new Imperial Shadow Stormtrooper completed prototypes will be on display at San Diego Comic-Con, so watch for more photos from the show floor popping up on social media this week!


Also, if you're going to SDCC, we wanted to invite you to our panel, “Costuming the Galaxy,†which will cover details on the Classic Trilogy Stormtrooper development and other projects on the horizon, including new items from our STAR WARS® line. Because space is limited, it is advised to sign up for the panel via the Comic Con app or website here. The panel will be on Saturday, July 11th in Room 14A from 12pm-1pm.

Don't forget that we are still offering low pricing on the Classic Trilogy Stormtrooper armor (kit and completed ensemble) through at least July 9th so now is the time to convince your friends or family to join the Empire with you and save almost 30% off the kit MSRP and almost 10% off the completed ensemble MSRP.

Lastly, we're down to the wire and there are just days left to help us reach our Facebook page stretch goal of 33,000 likes! Now is the time to spread the word and share our page with fellow fans so we can give FREE domestic shipping* to 33 random Stormtrooper orders---maybe your own! You have your marching orders, troopers!


For the Empire!



*Applies to pre-existing (and newly placed) orders where shipping & handling was remitted, and that are shipping within the United States of America only.

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This kit is part of the reason why I signed up for this forum. I'm still on the fence, but every time I see a picture of that bust at SDCC, I feel the urge to part with my money grow stronger. :D

Its a great deal and it looks super awesome :D I vote for go for it :D

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This kit is part of the reason why I signed up for this forum. I'm still on the fence, but every time I see a picture of that bust at SDCC, I feel the urge to part with my money grow stronger. :D

I don't think you will find a better deal than this. Buy it before July 20 for the best price. If things change you can always cancel anytime before it ships and get your money back.

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The latest Anovos update emails addressed this issue saying there will be some sort of replacement program. If you didn't get it I can send it to you if you want, it applies to the regular TK, but I am sure the TX will be the same.

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That's interesting if you're saying that each ABS armor piece is the same size. How can any armor fit properly, then, unless you have the perfect intended body shape/size? Wouldn't a person ordering small look silly, like a child wearing an adult costume...or a 2XL chap wearing something from their youthful and fit high school years?

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