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well... its a start!

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Well ive had my kit for a little over 2 days now and have finally been able to do little to it. figured i would start with the forearms as i have heard they are the easiest to do so thats where i started at. dont have everything here yet so i have just been cutting it and making sure it fits so far... here is where i am at so far.





please let me know if you noticed something off about it... besides the blue painters tape(lol)

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Also before you go too far on the trimming it's a good idea to try on the forearms with your gloves on ... Especially if you plan on tucking the cuffs of your gloves under your forearms (which is the way things go generally).


It's not of huge importance but on a long troop every little bit of extra comfort / mobility helps.


And good tape lines (very straight) ... Nice attention to detail!


EDIT - And if I were to guess I'd say that's an AM kit ( the forearms look rather similar to the ones I unpacked a few months ago).

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And yes Matt, you are correct! it is an AM kit!! did you cut it at an angle at all matt? so it looks cleaner on the wrist end i mean. I think i may just put on a semi thick shirt to simulate the underarmour and gloves... unless i have some random flightgloves just lying around here(i have lots of pairs already... just tan and green i think though) The reason i ask about the wrist end is cause on mine i seem to have a bunch more space than i should


Edit: found a random underarmour shirt in my room... and gloves... its fitting pretty damn nice! though i may have to trim the upper/inner... you know the part where you bend your arm?

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Has anyone had troubles with the AM biceps? They dont seem to match up, has anyone had problems with that before?


Yak - yea the biceps don't really line up too well. I left a but extra material on them just to make sure there was enough material for a good overlap and a good bond.


And regarding the "straight tape lines" comment - I didn't cut at an angle. My tape jobs never looked that perfect - well done!


can't wait to see more pics.

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Post saved for pictures



Alright i know this is kind of like a teaser... right now I am working on my biceps, got one of them finished working on the second one right now. I will be working on the calf and thighs tonight aswell, hopefully ill be able to supply pictures in a few hours... stay tuned, we will be back after these messages from our sponsors (lol)












Alright, sorry about the extended commercial break, there are you pictures i promised you. working on getting the fitting of the chest and back piece, had a question... how do you guys have your chest/back pieces connected? is it just the straps at the top or do you have anything for the sides as well??

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I had to cut off the return edge on the top of the inner bicept piece so that it would fit into the outter piece. You can see it in my build thread if you have questions. I also cut my forearms at an angle.

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Alright well, sadly this will have to be put on hold as I will be deploying tomorrow... for only 2 months. but when i get back I have spoken with the Dewback Garrison commander and he said that i could bring it up to ABQ and get a bunch of the guys/girls to help out and knock it out in like a day tops! so looks like in Feb ill be good to go!!

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Alright guys... i know how much you missed me with all the fan mail i got while i was gone(which was none /cry) but i am now back and looking to get to work on my armor!! damn i need to get it done!!

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