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Will this boots be ok for the base of a TX boots?

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Hi Guys!


I'm currently in progress of doing a TX Scout, i've got all the hard part and bund done (flight suit, flak vest and gloves i'll use my TB's)


For the boots i'm thinking about making 1 from scratch, however i'm having difficulty of finding the base for the boots (the joy of living in Indonesia).


Will this boots be OK for the base? I went to hardware store and other places, but i can't find the one with right sole... It pains me a bit if i have to sacrifice this one, but for the glory of the Empire i guess.


Hope to hear from you guys soon! biggrin.png







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Any brand of hiking boots you can recommend? I'm having a hard time finding one with the right soles here in indonesia... Most likely I'm gonna have to get it from eBay :/



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My shoe size is US 10.5.


These are sweet! But the shipping cost is way high ($44 for the ebay one). If i cant find one locally i'll have to grab them i guess...


Thanks a lot for the help Jim! 😃



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These are the things i've finished. If things goes as planned, i'll finish the bucket tonight. Need to repaint the visor hood after gluing it to the face plate :D


Strapping wise, ive followed the Lancer strapping guide.


If i mess up somewhere please do tell me though! :D





















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Finally the bucket's done. Just need to stick the decals and clean the lens a bit! Sorry about the mickey mouse background, cant find something white lol.











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Changed the chest/back joint cover with cotton as well. All i need now is just the boots T_T


Gonna start hunting for the boots next week :D



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