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Flametrooper Armor Build

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Well our fearless leader poked me about doing the armor for this guy, so here we go! Basically Toddo sent me a pepakura file that I'll be using and modifying to create some molds for plaster sculpts like my Shocktrooper armor. It'll be awhile before the final product is ready as there will be quite a lot of tweaking needed to pep file, but it'll get there!


Here it all is printed out, 95 pages of cardstock.



And here's some of the armor all cut out


Shins, gonna need some modification to the shape around the lower separated portion.



Shoulder Bell



Forearm, missing some small stuff I need to cut out.






Thigh armor



Upper thigh pieces



Some more thigh pieces



Butt plate




Then I took a break from cutting stuff out this weekend to start getting some stuff glued together. Unfortunately ran out of glue, but got one piece together. It's glued on the outside to keep the inside "smooth" for the mold. Next step make some mold walls, then fiberglass resin, then plaster casting, then sculpting, then vac-forming.




So that's where this guy is at right now! Going to try and get at least a couple pieces ready to go each week. Still got a couple projects I want to finish up real quick (JKII Shadow helmet...), then I'll get really going on this for you future Flametroopers out there. :thumbsup:




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I'm so excited to see this work-in-progress Ty. Thanks for taking it on and for sharing it with us. You're the man.

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This guy has taken a stab at it ... he's doing the TFA Snow and TIE Pilot as well. I really want a new TIE Pilot as my next costume, but feel it's still too soon to invest in that idea until more materials come out for him.






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Hey guys! So haven't been able to get much on this guy this past week. Been working on a couple other projects that I want to get finished up.


However I have analyzing any pics of the real suit and getting a game plan together for some of the parts. Most parts are definitely going to be vacuum formed but some stuff looks like it might be able to made with a little elbow grease and a flat sheet of plastic. I'll do some experiments this weekend on some stuff and see what you guys think. Oh and in case I didn't mention it, I plan on trying to get at least a couple kits made up for anyone interested. So with that said, if some stuff can be made relatively easily from flat sheet, that will help keep the cost low (I'm trying to find ways to keep this thing cheap for you guys). Basically I'll make up a template and provide that along with the vacuum formed pieces. We'll see how it goes though! :)




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LaziFox i bought the Flametrooper bucket from him and it looks great! 😀 I'm reworking on the black paint atm.




Really really looking forward to the pepakura build as well man! Good luck!



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Nice. I'm eyeballing his tie pilot helm, but I'm hesitant on getting any TFA stuff till the films are out. For example, I'm sure the TIE Pilot helm actually has a functional visor, and the helm he's making will have it locked in place. Still, it's cool to see the TFA gear in person. We have a Kylo Ren and First Order Stormtrooper out here that are constantly trooping now.

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Yeah for the TIE pilot it might be better to wait for more info... And i also asked him to make an asian version of the helmet haha... This one is WAY too big on me. So i doubt i'll be able to use it for trooping..



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Glad you asked :0)


I became inactive because I moved to an island pretty far away from where the center of events were. I moved because I got PTSD from my deploynents to Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm doing better now :0)

I'm the former CO of Nordic Garrison and participated in the Rose Parade :0)

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Glad to hear that you are still moving along Kevin. I can't wait to see your progress.

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