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FO Elite Stormtrooper

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Thanks Jim for getting Dan's access straightened-out. This is looks terrific so far Dan. Is this one of Kevin B's kits? I'm wondering what you are using for boots too. I have a set of Wyatt's gaskets as well, and they are top notch. How is the sign shop going to perform the striping work? Paint, vinyl, something else?

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Thanks all who helped me get sorted so I can get on here. This is one of Kevin B's kits, and I think its top notch. I have one of his TIE kits as well for my sons build, hes going to do the Special Forces pilot (which might belong here as well :) ) I am using black paddock boots that are the same as the TK boots and are approvable with the FO Stormtrooper armor. I am going to have Gio make me a pair of his FO boots in black later. The sign shop is making the detail in vinyl for me, and I should have it later this afternoon. I will post pictures of it when I get it back.

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Looking really good Dan. The only thing I see is that at least in these shots, the helmet lacks the gloss of the armor.


Yep, looks like the difference of the armor being pulled in black (I assume) and the bucket being painted. Might just need a(nother) gloss cover coat.

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