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Cole's Build Thread...finally....


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Hokay, so I've had my kit for about 2 months and have had no time to do anything, so I've been forced to watch everyone else have fun.




And there she is.




I don't know about yall but music helps speed up the process for me.




Thats as far as I got last night, Ill have more done today. Also, how long would yall suggest leaving the E6000 to cure before removing the clamps?

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Hokay everyone, no pictures today because my camera died...RIP...however,


Forearms- all glued just need

- trimming to make them square and even

- padding on the inside to keep them from moving (suggestions?)


Bicep- half glued

-need to glue other half (depending on E6000 to cure)

-trimming to make everything even


Calves- got rid of that stupid return, and trimmed them up a bit

- tomorrow I will glue the fronts and fit them to my calves


Thighs- tomorrow I will trim the return and fit (hopefully glue them)


Body, back, chest- Tomorrow I will trim the return (stupid return) and do a fitting, probably wont glue tomorrow though


Bucket- need to pm scootch to get one of his (gotta get the $$$ first haha)


I think thats it.

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BAh! Everyone is moving so much faster than I am! :(


I think I'm setting a bad example and should be fired.


Good work though! I think troopers generally use weather stripping to keep thing from sliding around... I've always just trimmed to fit a bit tighter so I don't worry about it.



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Ok, Got some things done today (very pretty day).




Finally got all the returns off of every piece, :wallbash: so annoying.



So messy, but someones got to do it.




Kinda looks like I have a lazy eye, but you gotta wear your eye pro.


Got all the arms done.



I started working on the calves today, got them cut and glued. :icon_beg: please let them go smoothly.


That's all for today.

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Ok, Got some things done today (very pretty day).




Finally got all the returns off of every piece, :wallbash: so annoying.



Yeah, that's one thing I don't like about the new AM kits. Makes it a lot harder to do your trimming.

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For those who have cut the COD piece...where did you do it?

I did not cut mine, but remember that the cut cannot be visisble. So I assume that means the belt would have to hide it. So pretty high. But again, that's just an educated guess.

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My dear brothers,


As most of you have probably noticed we have moved my build thread to the Nova section of the boards. After seeing the success of Sith and AcJay I have finally decided to turn Nova. My Brothers! Soon the Novas will reign!!! :salute:

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Ok, got some stuff done today...I don't really want to stop but I want feedback before I go any farther... :confused:




Got the Thighs and the Calves taped (glued fronts)



A little entertainment for the work.


The next few are fittings for the legs, I'm looking to see if they are too big or too small...also height/positioning would be good too.












Excuse the white legs.


These next ones are of the chest and back.









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Looks good to me :thumbsup: . I'd recommend wearing the boots when your sizing the calves though. That was my biggest issue with my armor. I sized the calves to fit just right with my socks on and ended up with the ankle being too small to fit the boots. Now I'm stuck making shims so the boots will stay in the ankles Just My 2 cents :teehee:

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