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DM's Flame Trooper build

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Will start my own thread and will try to take photo's as I go.


Here's a pic of what I have so far...






What I have:

Helmet - SkyGunBros

Armour - KBProps

Gaskets - Bill G.

Boots - Gio R.

Gloves - Imperial Boots

Tanks - MLC Fiberglassing. A very nice tank set.

Pouches - Pete B.

Thrower - 3D Print of "thisiskevin" 3D files. 48" long! :)


In production:

Hearing devices - Cheap hearing assist aids from Amazon ($10 CDN each), modding to fit into my helmet. Stereo sound :)

Speech assist - not sure yet, one of the iComm devices maybe

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What I managed to get trimmed and ready for painting today:




Butt Flaps


One leg (have to cut out the two notchy parts yet)

Cod piece

Front spats




Sunday I hope to get the prep done at least, and start assembling something :)

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One forearm and chest/back pieces.


Still considering cutting out the centre long part on the forearm to make the edges look sharper, then adding the blocky things down it's length.


The arms are half ready to assemble, just have to make sure I measure properly before gluing.

Have to glue and bondo the small pieces to the front of the chest part.

Will take more pics as I progress on these sets of parts.















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Hose shopping day!!!


Black hoses for the gun-to-tanks hook up.

The couplers are the only ones I could find. Still looking online for something closer to the proper ones. Has anyone figured out who makes the one used?

Clear/white hose that connects the 2 small semi-hidden tanks on the backpack. Have to find the connectors that go beside the pressure gauge yet.

Some cap-top screws I saw that will go on the gun once I have it. Was the last pack, so grabbed it.







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Purchased these off of eBay.

The Y connector is as close as I can find for the hose fittings next to the gauge. Will just chop off the top. The blue parts come off; they are only there to lock the pipe in place.

The elbows will go on the lower-inside tank.

Had to order 10 of each - and we only need 2 of each - so if anyone wants the extras, stop by and pick them up ;)



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Quick update. The arms are almost done. Just have to trim down the ends.


Wanted deeper, more crisp grooves in the wrist parts.

Added 3 layers of scrap for the outside (wider) groove, and 1 layer for the inside (smaller) groove.





After filling and smoothing, added a bit of bondo to smooth out the sloped edges I made.

The inside groove is 5mm at the base.

The outside is 12mm at the base.






Have to trim off and round out the elbow areas (rough sketching in pic), cut out the holes, and prep for primer and paint.

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The little holes on the arms were not to my liking, so I patched them and resized the holes.

They are now 12mm x 21mm. They should still be more of the centre of the arm, but this looks much better... or it will once painted.


Patched the hole, made a jig for the hole size I wanted, cut out the new hole, then mixed a body filler with fiberglass resin then filed the heck out of it.







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Great detail work Rob. Tanks for sharing your measurements.

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My groovy groove mod.

Forgot to take a "before" pic, but here are the results and I'm very happy with it.



Gaps and height are now 3mm each (about 1/8 inch).



That's not blood all over, just some bondo I dabbed into a couple dimples on that piece.




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This kit does not have those 2 pieces that come out from under the chest armour, and then curve around under the arm pits - pit armour I guess.


This is the piece to use, and what I did to make my parts.

Not sure on the sizes at all, but this is only a best guess based of the reference pictures.



This is the part that comes with the kit.



My highly detailed sketch on one half, after I split the main piece in two.




The end result.

The 2 black lines mark the edge of the chest armour. All that extra will be hidden under the armour and attached with Velcro or glued in place.

The tapered ends of the parts will terminate under the arm-pits.

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Couldn't start painting this weekend, so made this instead.

It's the back brace that the tanks will hook on to. I have based it off of the Hot Toys Flame Trooper.


I have created an STL for 3D printing and also a PDO template file to print out, cut out and trace around onto some plastic or whatever.

I used 1/8 inch ABS for all pieces, and glued em all together.


It's a 1/4 inch thick, and approx. 7 inches wide. All estimated sizes as I'm not sure at all what the actual size should be. It seems really small to me, but some others that have built similar are even smaller.


From my OneDrive:

PDO Template





Hot Toys pictures:








PDO template:




What I think the Hot Toys one is trying to portray. Will drill out the holes on the two braces once I get a bar to go across the two pieces.

There are also screws caps that should be visible behind the 2 braces (from the Anaheim suit) which I will add once I get to the final stages of this part.



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Great work. I'm confused about the purpose of the white straps though. What is their function?

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I really have no idea what the straps would be for :/ It's what it looks like to me on the Hot Toys figure, and I can only hope they had a good look at the costume when they were developing the 1/6 scale figure - which was announced before the movie was released.


I'm guessing they give the look of the brace being attached to the belt area, like the side pack, but will be hard mounted to the waist area with screws or something that are hidden under the straps.

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