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Hi all,


im sorry i havent posted my progress yet, i have been recovering from major surgery these past five weeks, but recovery means time off work ...means more time to make stuff and im not one for resting on my laurels lol. so ive made a start on the soft parts etc while i wait for my armour off Chef below are my boots using ref pics from you lovley lot.









I made my bund tried it on and decided that the crotch was a bit wide so ive since altered it to make it a tiny bit slimmer, im still trying to locate some more sturdy type of padding for it, it has the 6 stitch lines (please ignore the chalk lines) and it is padded, i have taken all the pockets off my suit, given it a mandarin collar, stitched on the riding patches and put on the 2" elastic around my thighs.






i have used the pattern from off here to make the pouches, they are not attached as yet untill i see how my armour is going to fit, i realise their may be alterations when i do get my armour.






vest is made with a slightly lighter material with padded sleeve and then ribbed it also has the 2" velcro fastening on the back. the neckline is also wider.


so thats what i have done so far, i hope im putting this post in the correct place and i hope that they are ok so far, the reference pics and help on this forum is really helpful.




Sall :no:

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Wow, everything is looking really good. Nice work!


ty for the kind comments im so excited to get the ball rollling on this :-)

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So ive done a lot of sticking, velcroing, sewing, trimming, cutting of fingers and crying lol i finally did a troop last week, my pouches need to be moved in a tad but apart from that nothing twanged off lol the only casuality was my little scout blaster but that was fixed, the bucket was done by my friend Rick Turner but all the rest including soft parts were done by me all by following chefs tutorial, i would like to change the velcro parts for snaps but i will do that possibly over the Christmas period, this is my first build any advice would be most welcome and ty all whos helped me with bits of advice along the way xx

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i forgot to mention i still need to add bits of velcro to the vest so my shoulder pieces etc stay in position so i didnt wear it in the above pic ill be doing that this week sometime :-)

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That's one fine looking Shadow! What did you use to run it down to get that sarin finish?


Hi retrofire


Thanks for the kind comments


i used scotchbrite pads (the fine one) gently bit like a scourer

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Hey All,


so im thinking of trying for clearance but im a bit nervous lol any advice would be appreciated, ive joined the UKG forum so i ve made a start haha


thx Sall

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Sall your armour looks great. What I would suggest is that you take your approval photos of the front, back, right side, left side and post them up here as a "pre-approval" run. I did that when I submitted my biker scout and it was a great help and encouragement to me.

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Yeah it's my next job tbh I keep trying to arrange my mate to do them but I keep getting let down so I'm going to set the tripod up etc and do them myself 😊


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Hi guys just looking for a bit of advice, do the bits above & the snout on the bucket need to be glossy? just going over bits & pieces before i take some clearance pics and also do i need to put up all my wip pics on the uk garrison forum or just the completed costume pics for clearence? thx :-)

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The CRL only states that the snout will be painted a "contrasting" black to the armor. That makes me think that it could be flat or gloss depending on your preference. Since I'm planning to paint my armor satin I'm going to do all the greeblies in gloss to give the armor a bit of shine.

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