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The Death Trooper Build (Pic Heavy)

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Hey y'all stoked to be here. I am beyond excited to get started on this build. I plan on doing the Specialist with the pauldron, modded DLT, ammo rig, etc.

Hoping to make this as detailed as I can. And please comment with insight and tweaks, constructive criticism is appreciated.

I'll start off with some photos on the helmets. Few areas to watch for on these are circled. There are many amazing looking helmets available but I am shooting for 100% screen accuracy.


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Thanks guys! So my brother believes that the chin piece (not sure what the technical term for that part) is most likely a modified heatsink (or piece of) from a CPU or RAM. No guess as to how old of a computer or anything. But definitely interesting!

There are a pair of size 8 Jereds on ebay right now, sadly not my size! I need either 11.5, 12, or 12.5. I could probably do a 13 but think they will be too big.

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I have my bucket from Jim in hand. Working on that as we speak. A few bubbles in the resin that I will be fixing with some bondo. Totally badass helmet so far.

Having some trouble uploading photos...anybody have any tips?


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