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E-11D Question

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I'm conflicted on which way to face the sliding stock on the DT blaster rifle. Seems as though reference photos show instances of the butt stock pointing both up and down but I wanted to be sure before completing my build. I'm tempted to turn mine opposite of what is shown in the CRL. Thoughts?



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/\ This is how I would like to do mine. Reference photos have it in that orientation: http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/4167-death-trooper-reference-photos/


The CRL and Visual guide have it opposite as shown here: http://i.imgur.com/Irk60tw.jpg.

The visual guide and CRL are both incorrect with orientation of the stock. I believe the CRL error is the result of me providing the wrong pictures to the team. Tom will confirm this but I had asked him to correct it and resend photos which he duly did :) It seems I forgot to send them on!!! Hopefully it'll be corrected shortly :)


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This question keeps getting asked on a lot of the boards and build group pages. If the extendable stock used in R1 is indeed an HK-416, then the narrow end of the butt plate points down. This design allows the shooter to place the larger end against his/her shoulder and allows the narrow end to extend down into the crease made by the upper arm and chest in the arm pit area.


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Reviving this thread. I just finished building my E-11D. I based my size on an analysis of the Celebration's photo an a known size for the Hengstler counter. Somebody want to double check my measurements to make sure I didn't mess anything up? Mahalo


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